“Alphabet Soup, Bread Loafs, Stocking Stuffers, and the Muppet Mouth Syndrome”.

“Alphabet Soup with Bread Loafs, Stocking Stuffers, and the Muppet Mouth Syndrome”.
By Jeffrey Appling.

Im not making this up.

Academia says the following

Here is just one hieroglyph for the letter “B” that represents the different sound of the letter. Hieroglyphic writing contains a phonetic element, called a phonogram. A phonogram is an image that can represent a spoken sound. The image depicts a foot or lower leg and used for the short “b” sound in words, like BIG.



Not knowing we had a major flood that wiped out our past civilization, I could possibly accept this nonsense.

The megalithic builders created what we cannot create today by way of unlocking universal laws of Nature.

This is Fact!

Easy example.


Our strongest Mobile crane today can only lift 1,200 tons and nothing more.


Pictured above are right-angle cut granite blocks weighing over 2,000 tons each. They were vaulted up high and placed one upon another then slotted in sync.

We cannot do this today… PERIOD.

Nor can we cut these 4,000 ton granite blocks (shown below) and lift them 40 meters in the air and stack one upon the other like a child playing with building blocks.


If we are to understand a meaning or symbol created by a civilization, we should first learn how these people created what we cannot create today.

Energy, frequency, and vibration /\/\/\/\/\/\/\

Misrepresentation with no truthful facts is as arbitrary as trying to understand a civilization by picking out random letters from alphabet soup.


This is a childish and lousy representation by Academia to a people that mastered what we cannot create today and is humiliating to these master builders.

What meaning can this foot represent? or is it even a foot?


Or at least its shape meaning?

I can only trust ultrasonically created images in solid granite as they are not misrepresented by later civilizations that lived in today’s Egypt.

Not too many ultrasonically created granite leg symbols in these.

A leg and foot in center picture upper left side?

Observing these gives me a new understanding of the
“Birds and the bees”,

9Also, Look for information on super large granite obelisks because the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks could not make these structures out of just one piece of granite.

The Romans walked right over these once covered megaliths. They never knew the behemoth Obelisk existed beneath their feet. (pictured below)10

The above Granite Obelisk was unfinished and in pre-stages of extraction, ultrasonic stamping, and polish (hardness 7).

So what about the cut off leg and foot?

for now…




Academia says:

This is a mouth representing the letter R.


With a civilization that mastered harmonics
I doubt this is a human mouth unless its a spoken vibrational word creating some type of action.

Maybe a Muppet mouth?

With an open mind let us explore into the mind’s eye of a people that mastered vibrational power via desired frequency.

Ignore the silly R


What can this symbol represent in Nature?

The Fundamental Frequency

If we consider a length of string with one end tethered, a wave can be sent from the other end by waving the string up and down. The wave reflects at the tethered end and proceeds in the opposite direction.

Consider now a continuous wave being produced. The wave travelling to the left interferes with the reflected wave moving to the right.

In this way ‘standing waves’ are set up.

The Fundamental Frequency is simply the lowest frequency for a standing wave to form.


The Fundamental Frequency is just one of a series of particular frequencies called overtones or harmonics, where standing waves form.


The Fundamental Frequency is called the 1st harmonic.

Successive frequencies where standing waves are produced are called the 2nd harmonic, the 3rd harmonic and so on.


Why are standing waves important?


Sound waves make objects levitate.

This is levitation understanding 101.


Using standing sound waves is just a small part of levitaion.

… it’s the “zero point” Im after and I will discuss that “matter”, litiraly.

A grain of sand is no different to levitate than a 4,000 ton granite block.



Academia says:

The bread loaf pictured  below is the symbol for the Letter T in Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

What does Academia say about an upside down loaf.. upside down cake?

all nonsense by a controlling Universities. (Academia)


Academia says the half round image (pictured below, left of the Bird and above the circle) is a loaf of bread?


However, Academia does accept the 2 images pictured in the center as being penises (fertility).


I am anxious to learn more and much of the information above is part of my learning.

More will be revealed ….and maybe by YOU.

until then… love one another while these doors of knowledge avail us wisdom.




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