Ancient Tech 101 (part 1) “Human Story”


Ancient Tech 101 (part 1) “Human Story”

by Jeffrey Appling.

As Humans today we are a species with amnesia in that we have forgotten our past due to enormous catastrophic events that wiped away our past civilization and knowledge.
Luckily some survivors of our past ancient civilization carried with them our past high technology to help reboot what was lost and give some of that knowledge to the hunter gatherers alive at that time. (a transfer of knowledge)
Around the world stories are told by more recent civilizations (circa 1,500 to 5,000 years old) through stone carvings that these ancients with knowledge were sea faring pail skinned Men with beards using high technology.
These ancient ancestors of ours had such high technology that we cannot replicate today what was once done over 10,000 years ago
(our tech today is used differently).
My goal of this jewelry line is to represent wearable art that factually reflects the secretes, knowledge, ancient architectural, and monumental markers the ancients placed around Earth. The jewelry design and creation will accurately depict the science, geology, archaeology, and spirituality while manufacturing this jewelry using some of the same ancient technology of our ancestors.
(cutting stones via sonic vibrations, etc.)
Metaphysical attributes, spiritual aspects, high technology (electromagnetism and piezoelectric properties), and storytelling of our past history are all part and parcel to communicating with fellow humans today that we are now awake and aware of what happened in the past and what choices we make today that can change ourselves for a better world tomorrow.
What a wonderful time to be alive in theses bodies on a most magnificent playground we call Earth.
I hope this line of jewelry helps bring peace and some awareness of how lucky we are to be alive today… and if we are to survive we must learn from our past and seek peace and serenity.


…. Before we start this true “Human Story” we must keep an open mind. Yes, knowledge is power! but knowledge is ONLY power to the extent it can be properly and intelligently communicated or created.
2 recent Scientists (Einstein and Tesla) whom we all know were great thinkers! but not as advanced as our past ancestors using different technologies. Of the 2 scientist (Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla) we will focus on the latter as he demonstrated and understood a different technology that our Ancestors used long ago.



The first written information we have about our past ancient ancestors was first given to us by the Greek philosopher Plato in which he actually puts a date on the destruction of this ancient civilization called Atlantis.
Plato was told by one of his past relatives Solon, a famous Greek lawmaker living 200 years prior to Plato. Solon made a pilgrimage to Egypt and was told by the priest at the temple of Sais near the delta the story of Atlantis which was destroyed by a catastrophic flood 9 ,000 years ago and that was 600 B.C. making the time of destruction 11,618 years ago.
This was never accepted by Archeologist in the past because we were not supposed to have lived with technology at the time. Recently in 2012 we have proof that a catastrophic flood happed by a fragmented asteroid or comet that hit the North American ice cap and flooded the sea. The sea rose 150 feet high in a day and a half. Today about 400 feet of sea covers the same area worldwide.
This geological time is known as the Younger Dryas impact, dating to 11,600 years ago… perfectly dated by Plato.
Plato tells us that the Atlanteans became ill with greed and the civilization became sour… then destroyed.
When I think of Plato retelling the story of Atlantis and its final destruction I can’t help feeling as if I need to do my part for Humanities’ survival by sharing this knowledge through personal adornment (jewelry).

Where the Atlanteans failed we must come together to prevail.


My hope is that when I share our “Human Story” through wearable art, I may communicate and pass on knowledge to the masses worldwide. Each individual wearer will have a little more knowledge in which we can make better choices for our future.

Remember we are ALL in this



….. and we may have to work together soon in case of another cataclysm.

A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with other stones. The word “megalithic” describes structures made of such large stones without the use of mortar or concrete, representing periods of prehistory characterized by such constructions.
Most people are familiar with Stonehenge


Stonehenge is not so ancient if compared to much larger megaliths found Worldwide.
A Dolmen is a type of single-chamber megalithic tomb usually consisting of two or more vertical megaliths supporting a large flat horizontal capstone (“table”)
Dolmens from around the world


the tallest Dolmen in the world was recently found in 2018 by Julie Ryder (pictured below and within the 83 foot Mega Dolmen near Helena, Montana).

6also found near Helena, Montana are some of the most beautiful Sapphires ranging in a multitude of colors. 2nd image on right is Sapphire mined at the El Dorado Bar on the Missouri River, outside Helena, Montana.



Sapphires and Rubies are the same material. It’s just a color call.
Both Ruby and Sapphire are Aluminum Oxides called Corundum. When Corundum is RED we call it RUBY, when any other color its called SAPPHIRE. The different colors are cause by trace elements.
Ruby gets its color from the trace element Chromium, Blue Sapphire gets its color from Iron and Titanium (Ti), Nitrogen causes Sapphire to be yellow, and so on.

Ti: Sapphire Lasers are mainly used in scientific research because of their tunability and their ability to generate ultrashort pulses. Invented by Peter Moulton in 1982.

9As tunable (frequency) lasers which emit light range from red to near-infrared light (650 to 1100 nanometers)
….. special note:
These lasers can cut and grind due to high frequency pulses. Much like ultra sonic (sound waves)

See MacGyver make a ruby laser work

10the TV series MacGuyver became an instant hit with all the creative solutions MacGuyver used to get out of detrimental situations often called, MacGuyver-isms.
The genius behind all the science on the TV series is John Koivula, chief research Gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America and was a technical advisor for Hollywood studios. John is holding a 2.5-billion-year-old Pallasite (meteorite) that is not even from our solar system. The green material in the nickel-iron meteorite is a green Olivine called Peridot. The Peridot gem crash landed to earth from another Galaxy.



The limestone and granite blocks for the pyramids at Giza are about 2.6 tons each and could not be built in 2,500 BC. We did not have this type of technology.


Today we have loading lifts using water and buoyancy to lift over 20,000 tons.
Below is the largest mobile crane in the world and it can lift a whopping 1,200 tons.

Liebherr Mobile Crane

100 years ago none of this was remotely possible so how can an ancient civilization living over 10,000 years ago cut and lift 1,200 ton blocks of granite (quartz, mica, feldspar)?
(harness of quartz is 7 on Mohs scale)

The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons (1,200 tons).

1516the mega blocks were all buried.. the Romans walked right over them… never knowing below them is something they and ourselves today cannot duplicate.

Today we can cut and lift these 1,200 tons


…….. but what cutting and lifting Granite over 1,200 tons?

Just recently found On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, Russia are 3,000 plus ton granite megaliths (shown below) The granite was cut with right angles, lifted 40 meters high, and placed in sync on top of one another like a skyscraper.


Megaliths in the Ural mountains of Russia is also where we mine the gemstone Chrome Diopside.


Some Russian 3,000 to 4,000 ton cut and lifted granite blocks.

22Notice how these blocks are engineered. Still Perfect fitting square and geometric blocks with thousands of years of weathering and erosion.
These have been here for a very long time.
Speaking 0f time……

Think like a geologist! … to a geologist, human existence is less than a wink of an eye when it comes to Earths age of 4.7 Billion Years.
The Moai monolithic figures of bearded men’s heads on Easter Island are said to have been carved by the Rapa Nui native people between 1250 and 1500 AD. (that less than 500 years ago)

23Over thousands of years sediment has covered a great deal of the Moai. We can only carbon date organic material not inorganic mineral. Any culture that makes a civilization OVER or Around a previous civilization is void (contaminated).

24After unearthing a Moai we gain more knowledge both in Geology and in story telling done by the Ancients through carved imagery.
Visually excerpt through the hundreds of different layers of sedimentary strata lining the deep cut wall exposing the Moai. The strata shows there has been over 8,000 years … possibly over 10,000.
The Moai was not created by the Rapa Nui people nor did these people have facial hair (beards). This was a far more advanced people communicating something very important.


Very important indeed!

Similar imagery can be found worldwide.


Notice the Moai’s hands carved from its sides, fingers angled inward with thumbs pointing to belly button area. (like some common stance with a belt, belt loops or pockets)… may have something to do with Chakra.


Today Egyptologist (not all) do not recognize any civilization possibly having technology pre dating (5,000)
They say, show us just one example that is older than 5,000 years old.

In 2012 at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey a mountain top had been uncovered and still being excavated today. What is found is a purposely covered up city with megalithic stonework. It must have been very important to put so much effort to hide or keep safe.
Because Gobekli Tepe was previously and purposely covered we can get an uncontaminated true carbon date of 11,000 + years old.
Gobekli Tepe is not far from the Egyptian Pyramids.


Underground radar penetration shows more than 50 sites awaiting excavation at Gobekli Tepe.
A rare and important site of early megalithic art, Gobekli Tepe is an archeological mound, dating back to the Mesolithic Age, which is situated at the top of a ridge in Southeastern Anatolia, Turkey, not far from the town of Sanliurfa.
The 11,000-year-old ancient Gobekli Tepe civilization carved information and knowledge in stone.
Just like the Moai of Easter Island (thousands of miles away) we see hands from the side with fingers pointed inward with thumbs extended.

29Its like a time machine capsule that is communicating to us today important information from the past.

If we think with a child’s mind, disregarding information forced upon us, We can peacefully awaken a little more each time we open the information door a little wider.

Gobekli Tepe is 11,000 years old and still being excavated.

Montana Megaliths are now going through ground penetration to see the depth of these newly found megaliths.

30And if its true about the speculated age of 75,000 years old…. this may be ground zero to rethink what we know of our past civilization. Montana is also near the flood zone caused by the Younger Dryas impact created by a comet fragment impact upon the North American ice cap and flooded below.
Floods have wiped away so much history but has left us with some knowledge.

cataclysmic floods that swept through North Idaho and Eastern Washington


Giant current ripples southwest of Fairchild Air Force Base were produced during the catastrophic Ice Age outburst floods when the ice dam containing Glacial Lake Missoula failed.
Great floods of the last ice age
The largest floods known to have occurred in human history are those from the end of the last ice age, between 13,000 and 8,000 years ago. As the world’s great glaciers began to melt, they left large freshwater lakes behind that had been precariously confined by retreating ice dams. When those ice dams failed, the floods that resulted were almost beyond comprehension.

To give a scale lets first look at ripples made by a small creek.

322cm ripples in shallow

now amplify the volume of water and force.


Imagine 100 to 200 foot deep river flowing 60 miles an hour, putting to waste anything in its path.
A Little boat to show scale of ripples


Floods have wiped away so much history but has left us with some knowledge.


Its important to acknowledge myths of all religions for what they are: stories made to give knowledge. It does not matter if the story is true or not, rather enough information is given that a later people would understand the meaning.

Noahs ark… Noah built a boat, carried with him animals, and landed on a mountain top.


Manu of early Hindu text (as the first man) made a boat, carried with him seeds, and landed on a mountain top.


Manu is a master of Yoga and considered a Rishi or Sage, the most famous God in India culture. (Hindu)

3The jigsaw, irregularly shaped blocks, with some weighing in at more than twenty tons apiece are a unique style that were once thought to only exist in that part of South America, these megaliths are found up the west coast of Italy, on Easter Island, and in Egypt, plus they have been photographed in Delphi, Greece, Albania, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.



The Sphinx when created 12,000 plus years ago (possibly over 20,000) in now Egypt, it was carved as a Lion gazing at the summer solstice. Thousands of years later the Egyptians carved down the lions head to a human head…. creatively done but out-of-place…. Goofy like Beetlejuice shrunken head.

The use of a Lion by the ancients was used to mark a time of monumental creation when the marriage of heaven (space constellations) and Earth.

Procession of the equinoxes

Processional movement of Earth. Earth rotates (white arrows) once a day around its rotational axis (red); this axis itself rotates slowly (white circle), completing a rotation in approximately 26,000 ??

9The coincidence of the annual cycles of the apses (closest and further approach to the sun) and calendar dates (with seasons noted) at four equally spaced stages of processionary 26,000-year-cycle. The season dates are those in the north. The tilt of Earth’s axis and the eccentricity of its orbit are exaggerated. Approximate estimates. Effects of weak planetary precession on the stages shown are ignored.

The pyramids of Giza and the Orion constellation


It’s a global phenomenon. The Orion constellation is a pattern of stars that is repeated in monuments throughout the ancient world, from Egypt to Mexico, this constellation has been the center of the skies for our ancestors, but why was Orion so important to the ancient civilizations? Why are monuments, such as the Pyramids of Egypt mapped in such a way that these constructions mimic the skies?

If the Spynx was made 5,000 years ago it would NOT be in the shape of a Lion, it would be a fish…. Reason why the Christians used the fish.. now we are at the dawn of Aquarius.

The Egyptians talked of a first time “Zep Tepe”


The Sky above Giza at Vernal Equinox in the year 36,400 BC: possible proposal on Historical Golden Age of the Zep Tepi

At the dawn of the vernal equinox.
The Lion constellation and Sphinx are closely connected to the East. The Orion constellation is on the Celestial Meridian, exactly above the Pyramids. Most importantly, it’s a perfect connection between Al Nitak – the largest Star of the Belt of Orion – and the Great Pyramid , the biggest monument in the Giza Plateau.

The Egyptians talked of a first time “Zep Tepe”





















































































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