“Cogged vs Cognitive”

“Cogged vs Cognitive”

by Jeffrey Appling

Ironic how named objects can have a definitive meaning provided enough factual information is provided.

Cognitive skills and knowledge involve the ability to acquire factual information, often the kind of knowledge that can easily be tested.
Cognitive science is a growing field of study that deals with human perception, thinking, and learning.


Often titled “Cogged Stones’ due to the nature of corrugated or fluted perimeters.

These flat round in diameter discs exhibit ebb and flow perimeter patters.
These archaeological granite and basalt pieces have been found throughout the Southern California area with large deposits found along the Santa Ana River valley.

The closets meaning by Academia is that they are carved ritual stones imitating the forms of sectional cactus growth patterns and used as Native symbols.

In Cognitively thinking we must understand the nature of how they are made first before labeling a purpose.

Our thinking today manifests a desire to force our will and ideologies without fact.
Forcing our will is not problem solving.

That is selfish thinking.


Thinking like this will be unfulfilling and frustrating when searching for truth.

Let us step back and away from Academia’s teachings and look visually at fitting.

What fits?

We know “cog stones” were found lumped together in Southern California within mud bogs and scattered in fields. Possible last stopping area (alluvial) of cogs transported by large massive water run-off  where they were found at rest.

We know they have been handled by natives in our recent past.

4c2 (2)

We know star holes in Granite exist in Massachusetts, Norway, and Northern California.


All star hole (other than the stars I make) pictures were taken from http://www.relicsofthegods.com

An informative and most helpful website of research.  A must see!

We now factually know there was a massive flood from the northern ice caps running downward. Estimated date of flood 11,600 12,800 years ago (Younger Dryus period). Sea level rose 400 feet above ground and 150 feet of the rise within a day and a half.

(unless future data proves otherwise)

What fits?

 8 point “cogged stone” and 7 point star hole

(both are granite and have same diameters, less a lobe/point)

The relationship between core and core hole are special in that they both evolve from the same type of hard aggregate (Granite).

Below left is a visual of how my star metal tube goes through an 18mm tigers eye Quartz bead. ( the drilled out core is lower left).

I drilled the center Fluorite octahedron and stopped drilling before breaching the opposite internal side (core is still attached inside). To the right is a common pendant glass locket, I drilled through the 2 glass walls and left the tool inside as proof of ancient technology in use.

This is Magic to the uninformed.


Welcome to “Ancient PUNK!”.. by Jeffrey Appling

Similar to “Steam Punk” only using lost ancient technology.

If Academia are the creatures that go bump in the night?
We are the ones that bump back!

Always fantasy forward are we.
Ancient technology used for todays jewelry and art appreciation.

see “Jewelry of the Gods”  by Jeffrey Appling



8   large ultrasonic star hole in a large pink Granite bolder (creator unknown).


9 small ultrasonic star hole in granite (creator Jeffrey Appling)


The outside diameter of the star core equals the inside diameter of the star hole less the thickness of tool (star shaped metal tube).

If we take a slice of a core (cut perpendicular to length) we get a disc with the same outside “cogged” perimeter.

10       star cores of Granite (creator Jeffrey Appling)

energy….. frequency, and vibration   /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

With erosion (alluvial) and possible human handling (recent natives)  the once sharp edges of the cogs (if my proposal as being slices of star cores from ultrasonic drilling pre 10,000 BCE) will look more rounded due to erosion therefor the machined-like perfect puzzle fit between cogged stone and star hole will have slight variances but still definitively matched to fit in sync like a puzzle.

Does the puzzle fit?

Research everything and be cautious of any

singular forced narrative. Myself included.

puzzel                                       thY5E2N857




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