“Duck, Duck, Rouse! Low-Down on the Mega Ley-Down”

“Duck, Duck, Rouse! “Low-Down on the Mega Ley-Down”.
By Jeffrey Appling.

Academia says:
The duck sign is only used because it writes the sound group SA.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with the actual meaning of the word, and is still very much a phonogram.
(a symbol representing a vocal sound).


Academia says the Duck has no meaning of the word it represents and the Duck represents the vocal sound SA.


2Yet numerous ducks are portrayed ultrasonically in hard granite.

What is so important that the builders felt it necessary
to document ducks in stone for all time?

 Academia often condemns and ridicules diligent researchers for having an honest and open mind.


Remember, this was a civilization that understood the concepts of Nature more than we do today.

Duck Lives matter!

Before we proceed… with an open mind.

Remember to follow hieroglyphs that are ultrasonically created (they are the oldest).
We need only listen to what the builders wanted to say in stone and not what Academia falsely teaches us.

Examples shown below are ultrasonically created hieroglyphs.

8This Precision machinery was not made with Brass Chisels or todays Diamond tools.

A vibrating metal die was used to imprint the desired image into Granite.

So what the DUCK?
We know Bees levitate and create a toroidal electromagnetic field round them by way of sonic vibration into hollow tubes and horns creating electromagnetic levitation.
see my blog, “Floating Bees and Chicken Scratch Fever”

It would be beneficial to humans having an ability to see electromagnetic fields.

We would have a whole new perspective and understanding of the world around us.
A sixth sense so-to-speak.

So, what can Ducks do?


Studies have shown that no matter from which direction a flock of ducks (other birds as well) approaches a body of standing water, its members usually land on it in alignment with the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field.
The latest research suggests birds detect magnetic fields in two ways. One relies on small pieces of naturally occurring magnetite (a magnetic iron oxide) in their beaks, or inner ears, or both. The other employs a magnetism-sensitive chemical reaction in their eyes, allowing them to “see” the Earth’s magnetic field.
If we had the extra sensory perception (like Ducks) to detect Earths electromagnetic energy points, we could then find energy sources that are otherwise invisible to us.

The ancient builders were using the energy of the Earth and understood Natures Geometry thousands of years before Pythagoras.
They knew all this and more!
… Big time.

11Above, Carved downward in solid Granite.


Extreme precision!  Similar to a cookie cutter punching soft dough.

Our ancestors manipulated hard Granite at will.
With Extreme fitting.

13Extreme fitting of granite on both small and large scale

Peru above

Easter Island below

With over 10,000 years of sedimentary strata burying the statues, once dug up? hidden truth is revealed.

Newly discovered Megaliths in Montana (Julie Ryder findings).

These Dolmans will have hidden truth if dig down 40 feet under the topsoil.

20Montana is regarded as the last frontier to today’s American ideology (understanding).


Today’s State of Montana may have been one of our actual beginnings as these structures are possibly over 50,000 years old.
(How old are we really?)

These megalithic structures (that we cannot make today) all line up on energy grid lines (Ley-Lines).

The builders were able to locate the energy lines, tap into this energy, and were able to wield the wonders of sonic coring, levitation, and more.


Easter Island, Peru, Montana, and Egypt (among others) all line up on these LEY lines.

In order to use this invisible energy of the Earth we must find it first.

Look to ducks for some answers.

Ducks can sense what we cannot.


Until more is revealed?

You too can be your own Indiana Jones.

Search the internet, hike the ley lines, and be the first to discover a hidden ancient monument.

Happy Mega hunting.


Cool video clip on YouTube with Donald Duck of Disney.. teaching sacred geometry.


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