“Giants and Star Holes”

“Giants and Star Holes”

by Jeffrey Appling

Giant killers
Stories of American natives fighting cannibalistic giants and winning!
These giants were not so giant compared to our distant past.


Native Americans defeating Giants!

It is to our Natives we must listen and learn.

Academia places our Native Americans as nothing more than a primitive culture of hunter gathers.  That means not relevant to their ideology.

Our race today is the little skeleton to the left. (6’)
The red-haired giants averaging 10 – 12 feet tall are descended from their previous great civilization that got wiped out from the deluge 12,500 years ago.

Losing their technology may have led them to cannibalism. I don’t know.
I do know a conscious intelligent race eating another similar conscious race is soulless.
They may have created megalithic wonders in the distant past (pre-flood) but we can learn from their mistakes if given truth today.
Don’t look to Universities for truth in historical education. They follow a false narrative of lies and deceit for power and control over YOU.


The above images are Paracas Skulls in Peru and a semi coned skull below from Mexico.  If a sea faring people as suggested, the giants could be the same species the Paiutes fought and burned within Lovelock Cave (Nevada).  The Paiutes also say the giants could kill the Paiutes just by looking at them.


The last giant race had its time and it is now time for the present race. Us today.
We are a tonal skinned people. Tone is a measurement from lightness to darkness. Tone does not dictate race.

In gemology and crystal color communication we use Hue, Tone, and Saturation in order to describe and interpret our conscious understanding of visual color in documentation. (color communication)
Brown is not really a color.
Brown is a dark toned, low saturation of yellow.


Looking at my hand in this picture I would say I am pink. Pink is not a color either. Pink is a light toned low saturated Red.


Every tone skinned Human on this planet is exactly the same race… period!
Our actions determine our differences.
Racism is a product of ideologically taught environments. The most racist thing a society can do today is use its fellow humans for political gain (a form of slavery). Or eat them.


A Gentleman I admire very much knew of the existence of this past species of GIANT.
He wrote:
“The eyes of that extinct species of giant whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now.” 1848
I believe this man understood the importance of our Humanity. He even disregarded the evils in his own political party and led a new party for all people.
That party exist today.


So why so doom and gloom?
Today is the best time to be alive on this most beautiful planet with all of us together.
… a tremendous gift not to be taken lightly!
An awakening in our evolution is happening to us right now.
Cheer your ass off and mean it!
And Cheers to the human race!


And if you live in the USA?
Be grateful!
When your soul was born into that flesh you call a body here on planet Earth, you had a 4% chance of being born in this free country, the USA. You had a .08% chance of being born in California.

We have a chance to make a huge leap forward in our humanity. Together it will not be difficult as soon as we learn what has been wrongfully hidden from us. I believe we can take it…. its better than living a lie.

The 10 foot people had de-evolving cone heads. Shorter cranial cones than their ancestors before them. (shown below in Egypt carving).

10The much earlier giants seemed to have a longer spine, wider hips and legs, and a beautiful elongated skull.
Asking Academia today about their knowledge of cone headed ancients living in America and they may assume this.
11Our recent Inca civilization tried to emulate cone shape heads of our ancestors by cranial deformation.

Notice the flat portion of the frontal lobe.
a slow squish!!


This action reminds me of a horror happening in Asia. Parents breaking their children’s legs for length adjustments.  Apparently they believe if they can make their daughter taller, she will be better off  in life monetarily.  All this trauma to the child just to look like the 6 foot tall skinny models wearing clothes that less than 6% of women in the world can fit into.

13Notice the flat 45 degree angle on the squished head. This will not create more volume mass for a higher IQ.
My first thought was they were trying to push the pineal gland to the same representation of our ancestor’s gland in order to access extraordinary abilities not achievable by us today. Like a tumor in the brain pushing and giving the individual super human abilities.



The brain capacity of the 10-foot people was much larger than our cranial capacity volume today. They had higher IQ’s most likely.
They possibly resorted to cannibalism after losing their civilization and resorting to primitive lifestyles. What would we do today should a catastrophic event occur and wipe out every piece of tangible and intangible technology… again?

As for cannibalism of similar species? (Look to American natives for possible answers). The 10-footers could easily take down fauna and some mega fauna with their sheer size alone, but the flood wiped out all the mega fauna weighing over 100 lbs.
The mega fauna (including Mammoth) was taken out by a flood and not taken out by primitive projectiles and over hunting.  This phony Clovis theory is a 50-year-old fake narrative. Academia holds no responsibility for teaching lies and they are accountable to no one.

If I were to burry this (below) obsidian arrow head having perfect internal star holes and someone from Academia digs it up, they will date it without questioning exactly how the star holes were made.


A peaceful people living with nature will respect the animals and not massacre their food source to total extinction.  (unlike our actions today)
The so-called Clovis theory is a 50-year old sham.

These actions of cannibalism as story told by Native Americans, if true are not the direction for our Humanity should we meet the same fate as our predecessors.

The technology of the 10-footers before the flood (12,500 BCE) was extemporary in the realm of unlocking the unlimited forces of Nature (they had time to do this).
With a loss of technology the giants were reduced to hunter gatherers.
No more giant metal tubes to make giant geometric star holes in solid granite.
No more horses in America. (flood not Clovis)

17Blyth intaglio (California).

Ultrasonic drilling, coring, and large scale levitation became lost to them.
Only survival instincts (if any) kick in.

In order to learn truth of ancient civilizations one must research and develop a relationship between tool and maker. This is the essence of Archaeology.
Archaeology defined:
The scientific study of material remains (such as tools, pottery, jewelry, stone walls, and monuments) of past human life and activities.

Above is a star hole in granite and a star core slice of granite

In order to engineer like the ancients, I must learn their technology.

Sound tech is the answer to coring geometrics in hard aggregate.

First thing in Archaeology is to research the level of technology of the people in question. They were using sound technology in their engineering.
I know the star holes were made pre flood as the 10-footers lost their tech during the flood 12,500 years ago.
The giants were reduced to mound building. Connecting rock walls and possibly generating energy with it.  These below images may be pre-flood.  I am still researching.


(above) Serpents mound in Ohio.


Rock walls in California
I do not call them the “Berkeley Walls” simply because the walls cover a greater area here in California.
Archaeologist from San Francisco University and UC Berkeley say the people that built the walls were Chinese.
Academia’s conclusion is that Chinese people were in California laboring during the gold rush and decided to make rock walls. Academia deducted that because the Great Wall in China is so amazing they concluded the Chinese people like to build rock walls.

Academia made the Chinese people fit within their ideology.
How racist is that?

The size of some star holes reach about 7cm in diameter.
The people that made these star holes would have to be master tool makers creating tools on a large scale. I will briefly demonstrate this on a small scale so you can imagine the size of tools (horn and tube) needed to make such large geometric holes, and how they shaped the tool.
You need hard metal for drilling/coring. (steel works great).
Unlike hard aggregate rock, steel breaks down and becomes nonexistent after a long period of time via oxidation. However, hard aggregate rock under weathering and erosion still keeps some form over long periods of time.

(metal disappears and rock stays)


Above is some Nephrite Jade I drilled sonically (drill tubes are inserted). The tubes bore through the Jade like a hot knife through butter compared to that of a diamond core drill exerting 20,000 rpms. Ancient tech is sound tech.
Think sound amplification not light amplification (Saser tech not Laser tech)

Round core tubes make round holes and scoops.

(above) Egypt has round holes, scoops, and square holes.

 Round metal tube Tool attached to metal horn (below). This is how Egypt did it but on a larger scale.


Unlike Egypt’s round and square holes, the people making star holes had a unique drawplate to convert round tubes into star tubes. The star holes are internally perfect therefore pounding a round tube unevenly will not be sufficient in precision drilling.

(I had this problem and quickly solved it by way of a drawplate).

Pulling or pushing a round tube into a smaller desired shaped hole creates the exterior desired tube shape.


The shape of the tool dictates the shape of the hole.


Energy, frequency, and /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ibration.

Star hole in granite (Massachusetts) and 2 star holes by Jeffrey Appling.

Chris Dunn’s definition of Archeology.
Archeology is largely the study of history’s toolmakers. It is with tools and artifacts created with tools, that we come to understand a society’s level of advancement.












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