“Star Holes in Granite”

“Star Hole in Granite”
by Jeffrey Appling


When I first heard the possibility  the Egypt pyramids lined up with the constellation of Orion, I was fascinated.  I knew nothing at the time of John Anthony West, Robert Bauval, and Dr. Robert M. Schoch.

April of 2018 a friend told me to check out “Fingerprints of the Gods” by Graham Hancock.  He said look it up on YouTube if  I don’t like reading volume books.

I did.


 Egypt’s square and round ultrasonic holes (shown above)

Another unknown civilization using the same technology were great tool makers creating internal geometric STAR holes in Granite.
Below are Star holes found in Norway (2007), Massachusetts, California (Mount Shasta area).

No matter how intricate the geometric hole is internally, these humans made the star holes fast and efficient with the Earths natural energy and a bad ass fabricated star shaped metal tube.

The basics for low end hyper sound (ultrasonic) cutting include basic elements: Quartz Crystal (piezoelectric), natural or artificial energy source, transducer, metal horn, mineral grit (mesh greater than 8 on MOHs scale), and a shaped hollow hard metal tube….. and the correct frequency!

and that’s it!

Here are some recently created ancient-tech hyper-sound star holes.

(first ever created in over 10,000 years).

(pictured above) I used granite in order to emulate what they were drilling pre 11,700 years ago.  I scale down the hole and make it affordable so fellow humans can own and wear proof of ancient technology that is not being taught by Academia today.


Shown above is an example of today’s Jadiete Jade carving with uneven shallow square hole in center running 3mm deep. The square hole was created with diamond impregnated tools and rotating power device running greater than 2,000 rpms

I asked a few master Jade carvers if they can make a perfect internal square hole in Jadeite, Jade.  They all said it was possible but that some inconsistencies will occur going 10mm deep into the Jade during final stages of diamond filing for a perfect 90 degrees.

I asked, “what about a triangle hole over 10mm deep”?  Absolutely NOT was the reply! As the internal angles are to shallow to file within and under a 40 degree angle.

Pictured below is a Jadeite, Jade hollowlith bracelet with perfect internal triangle holes over 10mm deep. What you see here are the first internally geometric holes in tough Jade.  This is Technology I copied from our ancestors Pre-10,000 BCE and now again created by a modern day human in our present recorded history.

I did not make 1 or 2 triangle holes.  I did not stop at 10 perfect triangle holes!

 I took it to………  \11/


So if making perfect triangle holes in one of the toughest natural substances on Earth isn’t amazing enough.

.. what about something soft or brittle like a Pearl?… with an enigmatic star hole in it.

The “California Star”

 Aptly named as California is one of the few destinations on Earth to see a star hole in solid granite (Mt Shasta area off I-5)

A pearl is made up of soft mineral layers of Calcite and Aragonite.  The mineral conchiolin is the glue that binds them together so-to-speak.

A Pearl’s low harness of 3 on the MOHs scale makes this no feat for laser, diamond drill, or 60,000 pounds per inch water pressure jet. No modern tech can do this, period!

only ancient tech!

Saser tech = sound amplification not light amplification.

The “California Star”


Our ancient ancestors used nature in their high technology often
considered magic to those not “In the Know”. In many ways they surpassed our modern technology.
They understood harmony in each other through vibration and kindness.
They healed each other lovingly through vibration and spirituality.
They were able to use the free energy of the earth to create magnificent feats we cannot achieve today.
They were beautiful like YOU !
Who were they?
They were us a long time ago.
We only have fragments left of them through stone architecture and knowledge left in stone.
The “California Star”
A perfect geometric internal hole in a large Pearl.
This has never been achieved in our present recorded history.

is only power if it can be properly and
intelligently communicated or created.
Owning this jewelry means You hold the knowledge
of our ancient ancestors.
Wearing this jewelry presents Yourself to the World as
“In the know”
Communicating this jewelry with other humans is a
Transfer of knowledge.


You are now an important part of a worldwide conscious collective.

~Jeffrey E Appling GJG (GIA)

In 1994 a man wrote a best selling book “Fingerprints of the Gods”…. in 2015 Graham followed it up with “Magicians of the Gods”…. an astute researcher!





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