“Hand Symbolism and D is for Doughnut”

“Hand Symbolism and D is for Doughnut”

by Jeffrey Appling

Can we trust Academia’s teachings of Egyptian hieroglyphic meanings?

We cannot. (not yet)

If the dynastic Egyptians could not understand the actual builder’s ultrasonically created glyphs in hard stone along with todays Academia running ramped with irresponsible and illogical ideas and lies?

We will be forever lost.

1What you are looking at above is the tool kit of the dynastic Egyptians.
This civilization used soft tools to make peck-like chips in granite often in uneven lines.  Resembling chicken scratch markings on a wooden floor.

Up until at least the 8th century BC; stone hammers inserted into wooden handles, and copper or bronze tools. Such tools would be completely useless as regards what you see below, stone boxes, often made of very hard granite and with amazingly precise surfaces that we cannot create today.

Chicken scratch markings on outside of machined hard Granite by the primitive dynastic Egyptians.

Closer look at Chicken scratches on outside of a machined granite box.


So, what is on the inside of one of these poorly graffitied granite boxes?

Academia does not acknowledge this work as relevant or significant.

Behold the power and mastery of the magnificent ancient builders.

-pre chicken scratch people.


As you can see on the top and inside of this granodiorite machined box are very ancient ultrasonic impressions with high polish and texture reliefs.

Extreme detail and grace of this magnitude of work should not be looked down upon and disregarded.
Rather be embraced with vigor and awe.

 90-degree angled precision-cutting with a high polish.
This is not the soft marble (hardness 3) accustomed to Roman and Greek carvings.

And below is one of the few found obelisk cap stones

6There is a lot more going on here than human vocal vowel sounds.

Interpreting primitive “chicken scratch” markings is as meaningless as decoding a vandal’s spray-painted graffiti on a cement or brick wall.


Should we respect the vandals graffiti above as being important to the structure itself or to the builders of the structure?
Of course not.
Should we respect Academia’s view that the chicken scratch people built these 100 ton machined and engineered boxes that we cannot make today?

You decide.







The 2 images above would have little or no meaning to a future civilization.  Neither represents a human heart nor a feeling of Peace.

What can hands do?
Hands touch,  heal, and they can communicate a meaning even as an action.


Academia says:
The hand represents the letter sound of D.



“D” is for Hand and not for doughnut?



We need only follow ultrasonic created hands in hard stone if we are to find truth in symbolism.
Look for sharp clean edges and details in hard rock.
The builders were masters in depicting and understanding nature. Tiny details in communication.

If you asked a common jewelry designer to create symbolism via Peace and Love, they might use the below symbols.

We use symbols that fit our understanding today.

We will not understand the meaning of our ancestors if we continue interpreting our present day understanding ONLY.

Below shows peace and love in action!

 in our understanding today.

Peace                                                   Love and rock \m/


If our civilization were wiped out today (like in the past), these hand gestures or symbols will mean absolutely NOTHING to any possible future living civilization.

The one constant universally is what a Human hand can do… in action.

One hand holding and one hand giving.


Hands and symbols that represent fads and trends today will mean nothing to future people.

Many of our symbols used today were used long before us with different meanings.
Sacred Geometry.

21pictured above are Hands showing Action. (only understood today)
Hand in action below.

I do not even know what this means today?!
(my fist extending outward)

The ancient builders were trying to say something important through hand symbolism.

23So how can we know the meaning of past hand gestures?
We cannot if we continue to follow proven lies.

We can see the relevant action of hands created by the builders within their hieroglyphs.

If we want a glimpse into these master builders mind?

We must ignore what we understand in today’s symbolism

and think Nature in action.














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