“Sound Technology is Magic”

“The Sound Technology is Magic”.
By Jeffrey Appling.

Academia says, that the scoop marks in granite near the unfinished obelisk were made by pounding round diorite rocks against the granite walls.

Above are round diorite boulders said to have been used to hand pound the scallop grooves and scoops shown below.

When I use and apply this ancient technology of energy, frequency, vibration to hard aggregate, I see the similarities of those who mastered it before me.

Below is a fractured piece of Nephrite, Jade that I will be scooping and coring.


Pictured below is the Nephrite after coring and scooping.

By way of hyper-sound vibration the metal tube thrust through the tough jade with ease. Just as it did in the granite cores in Egypt. (Pictured below).

The aggregate is instantly being drilled when in contact with tool. Should the tool displace itself it will drill where placed once again.

Sometimes a skip mark will appear.

11Multiple skips made by my round tool along Nephrite’s side.

Core drill tool marks are visibly seen in the granite below (Egypt).

2 Round core holes (above) and 1 square hole (below) Egypt.



Unlike Egypt,

Geometric holes are found in California, Massachusetts, Norway, and more.


Star hole in Massachusetts (above) and Star holes by Jeffrey Appling (below)


Round, square, triangle, and star holes by Jeffrey Appling.

When drilling through solid rock using a specific frequency of vibration the metal tube or solid rod flows nicely like a hot knife through butter.

Once the frequency is changed the metal tube or bar of metal becomes locked in the stone and it cannot be removed.
The metal rod can only be removed from the stone if the same frequency is reintroduced.


Find the frequency of vibration that drove the metal rod into the stone
and the metal rod will release.

Sound familiar?


There is truth in myth if you know the meaning behind the story.


Know the frequency and you too can be king!

Hail to the king baby!


Alright you Primitive Screwheads, listen up! You see this? This… is my boom-stick!

Ash’s twelve-gauge double-barreled Remington “Boom Stick” is considered magic to the primitives.
To us, its just S-Marts top of the line.
Shop smart. Shop

Today we are the primitives looking at the ancient builders as using magic because they created in stone what we cannot create today.


The study, use, and unlocking of this lost ancient technology are the true magicians of the world today.


…..not the Las Vegas illusionists.

you are Magic!

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