“Understanding Ancient Technology”

“Understanding Ancient Technology”

By Jeffrey Appling

This geometric continuous pattern of straight lines connected point to point in hieroglyphs is said by Academia to represent “water”

If you were playing the game Pictionary, how would you communicate water?
Wavy lines, right?


As an international award-winning jewelry designer, I understand the concept of water in my design.

Below is my “Hands to Water” ring.

4Saul bell award 1st place 2006
The “Hands to Water” ring… The feminine form embracing Nature’s

purist gift… Water.

Being inspired by the King Arthur legend, I wanted to create something honoring the “Lady of the Lake” but I did not want the Excalibur sword running through the stone.
(see my ancient tech describing sword in stone and how that works)
So, I had the Lady magically touching, changing, and manipulating the water with her hands. The illusion of water was created by carving the back side of a 30 plus carat flawless Aquamarine (created by Michael Dyber). When viewing the stone through the top, the illusion of internal bubbles is realized as if looking into a water vortex. An optical lens was carved on the top of the Aqua to amplify the internal visual effects. I bead set (pave) blue and colorless Diamonds in a meandering formation to give an indication of flowing water.

And inspired by Stargate movie.


And Nature

Water wavelengths are fluid in motion. The top of the wave is called the crest, sloping down to the bottom is the trough and back up again to crest.

10However, Geometric patterns in water can be achieved when subjected to soundwaves. The wavelength pattern changes as frequency changes.

11Standing waves 24 hertz


Cymatic patterns in water. Sacred geometry.

I could not find any Egypt hieroglyph on vibration taught by Academia.

I would think it to be most important because vibration is part and parcel to ancient pyramid construction.


Tuning forks



Here is vibration in motion using tuning fork and carbon paper.


These patterns can look wavy at low frequency. Raise the frequency and the tighter the wavelength becomes and more geometric in pattern.

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ = Vibration.

Remember to research ultrasonically created hieroglyphs ONLY, as they are the oldest glyphs that we cannot make today on such a large scale.
Not created by brass chisels.

The vibrating metal die pressed the indented image into this Granite.


Demonstration below of a metal design vibrated into stone (granite)

If the vibrating metal design has sharp corners (unlike the rounded design shown above), the sharp edges will be imprinted to stone, even at 90 degree angles.

The civilization that built the pyramids understood Nature more than we do today.

Energy, frequency, and vibration


Lets go back to the first picture.

1What about the center character?

Said by Academia to be a horned viper.


Apparently the horned viper makes an F sound.


And maybe a V sound too


Lets put aside what Academia teaches and simply look at it for what it is?


 It has a non meandering formation.

It has tentacles that can extend larger than its head size (sometimes curving)


What is it?

Is it a Horned Viper?


pictured below is a horned viper

meandering body  + big head

Short Pointed end horns that are smaller than snake’s head.

or is it a shell-less snail… a slug?

I will discuss the slug hieroglyph in a future blog. (evil that corrupted mankind)

they don’t make vocal sounds of F or V.

however,  one is Fake the other Verified.

So, what can a snail do or represent that is so important that its image was ultrasonically imprinted in solid granite.. for ALL TIME.

What were the builders trying to communicate?

Research and you will find more truth.

Don’t forget to have fun in research and try not to take yourself too serious.

I’m trying as well.

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