Cyclops Island

Long before Turtle Island (North America) there was an Island of one eyed giants noted for their skill in building via high technology.

Cyclops Island

by Jeffrey Appling

Zeus, leader of Olympus may not have won the war against the Titans if it were not for the Giant Cyclops, building and creating the high technology weapons Zeus used against Cronus, the leader of the Titans.

Reminants left in Limstone (Cave Di Cusa, Sicily) show the high technology being used by these giants. The Cyclops may not have been the inventors of this high technology (Hephestus’s department), but they knew how to weild it…. and it helps being very big.

Imagin the size metal tube to make the cores in Cave Di Cusa, Sicily
(Cyclops Island)

Sonic coring with metal tube is proven here.

High technologies used: Sonic coring

Movement of extremely large machinery can be done with levitation combined with brute size of Giants of that time.


I believe brute strength alone was not enough to wield the tons of metal weight within the large tubes for drilling. The tubes are about one foot thick in tube Gauge, 8 foot plus in diameter, and a length of over 30’, not including the metal horn and transducer.

Levitation would be used if they are a people using Nature Technology. And we are.

We are dealing with a past civilization that understood Nature within itself, so we must dig further into a symbols functionality.


What else do Bees do besides make honey. What does a Bee do that is so important that the Bee image was ultrasonically created in stone for all time?

Bees don’t fly, they levitate at will.


Above is a Bee levitating by sonic levitation, the no inertial sphere is not seen by our eyes. Imagine being inside a bubble and not feeling wind

The above hieroglyphs were made using sonic technology

A bee levitates by opening its wings and releasing a sonic vibration resonate to that of the Earths frequency creating a torus field of electromagnetism. The sound waves are released into tiny vein-like hollow tubes. Upon higher magnification cones are pointed perpendicular to the dendritic hollow tubes.

Magnified 3,000 times and we can see the Bees cones (spikes) that release vibration.


Once the toroidal field is activated around the bee (like a forcefield bubble) it can levitate and steer to its destination without wind interference. Like the term, making a Bee-line.

Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov, an entomologist was said to have demonstrated levitation by placing lots of beetle wings on his devise and travel very fast with no inertia.


So what is it like for the bee levitating with no inertia?

Similar to the 1980s movie “Explorer” where the kids created (with Alien help) a self contained forcefield, steered electronically with commodore computer.


…. How do UFO’s fly?
…. no inertia.
Inside the sphere you can move without feeling outside forces.
The sphere itself can Go up down, and possibly in and out of water freely.



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