Turtle Island

Turtle Island

by Jeffrey Appling

Evil slowly corrupted Humanity in the distant Past.
We must learn our past truth (good and bad) if we are to make better decisions for our future.


Shell less snail (slug) sonically created hieroglyph, Egypt

Slowly evil and corruption entered the goodness of people. The land went sour with greed. The relentless pursuit of power and control over other people was horrific (the people became selfish and ill minded). Like the slow moving slug the evil was hidden and not seen creeping in at first, slowly it corrupted the minds of men with deceptive lies.

Sound familiar today?


Keep all politicians accountable regardless of party affiliation.

Evil does not discriminate as this is evident in the Deep State. The Deep State is the garden slug, secretly hiding deep in the vegetation, slowly devouring everything good the garden provides.

When goodness is overshadowed by greed and control over other people, using false narratives and lies, we then fail as a loving spiritual society (we lose our respect)… we lose our United States of one Nation (1 unit) under the absolute power.
(Tetragrammaton- the Creator)

Powerful is the dark side, but not all powerful.

I find the story for Turtle Island and the medicine wheel perceived by Jacob Wawatie as very helpful in understanding.


Elder, Jacob Wawatie

Respect, Truth, Humility, Bravery, Generosity, Wisdom, Love.
This is the medicine wheel of our Native Americans.


The 7 teachings = 1 unit

Respect on the medicine wheel is equivalent to the Ten commandments.
Yet they are not forced or commanded, they are too be lived and practiced daily until it becomes like breathing.

The evil of men made way of their destruction by the last great flood set upon the Earth .

A restart now. Like children we are.
We have a chance to correct our wrongs and love one another as intended.


The slow moving evil (horned serpent Satan) was destroyed, mostly wiped off the Earth (fire and water). The time of Atlantis was over! White and black magic (high technology) was no longer used and abused.

Mankind settled upon Turtle Island. Some giants survived the flood and co-existed with our Native Americans.


Abraham Lincoln writes of the giants buried in the mounds of America.

“The eyes of that extinct species of Giant whos bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now”

Turtle Island

400 feet below todays sea level, before the last great flood 11,700 years ago North America’s land mass resembeled a turtle. Native Americans told the turtle island story before Europeans came to America. They knew the turtle island shaped continent thousands of years before the Europeans thought the earth was flat.


above, A ocean polished Nephrite, Jade from Big Sur California.
The star hole was created the ancient way using sound amplification.

below, Pre-flood Star holes in America
A past engineered feat that uses the power of sound energy amplified.

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