Jewelry of the gods

Jewelry of the gods

by Jeffrey Appling

They were not gods, just people pre-flood wielding high technology that seemed god-like.  How fantastic is our past history? More amazing than many sci-fi movies (take the red pill).  Get ready for Jewelry of the Gods.

“Ancient Alien Technology”

Jeff Appling

My focus is to educate and prove how ancient technology (sound technology) was used in our very distant past and reintroduce it today freely in an artful way. Scientist and engineers today say it is impossible to drill geometrics in hard Quartz or soft pearl. The inspirational design elements in this jewelry are reflected in the ancient geometric holes in granite found in Egypt, Norway (Volda Star), California. Rit dye used for an alien neon green pearl glow. Sonic vibration with a steel tube engineered all geometric internal holes. No lasers or diamond tools used. 2 triangle holes drilled from each side of large pyramid; magnetic round beads show the path. Pyrite beads strung within each double star pearl and terminates into gemstone clasps and ear wires.


“Ancient Tech to the Core!”

Jeff Appling

Using Ancient high technology coring (sound technology) in glass enables a greater flexibility in artistic design for gem and jewelry enthusiast. Grinding and flint knapping natural glass is common place, but putting geometric holes in glass has never been achieved in recorded history. Academia says this to be impossible. The natural glass in this jewelry has 5-point star holes running entirely through each bead and the left-over star core from the bead is also strung/ recycled. The internal star edges are clean and sharp depending on my hand shaped metal tube. No lasers, diamond drills, or water jets are used. This technology reinvents how we approach jewelry making in the future and setting techniques are almost limitless. My inspiration, star holes found in Norway and USA.

“Supernatural Extraterrestrial”

Jeff Appling

Attracted to sci-fi movies and sacred geometry, I was reluctant in creating sacred geometry images in jewelry, rather I want to create what the symbols can do. With a little understanding of ancient technology (sound technology), I created 6mm in diameter star holes in pearls using a metal tube only, strung iron pyrite beads alternating with fire opal beads. Orange pearls are dyed with Rit dye. Pendant portion consists of a triangular fire opal. 2 rows of orange sapphires, Mid-section is a fossilized coral resembling E.T.’s finger, bead set diamonds in lower sacred symbol. Ring is cast and fabricated in silver, side bars are yellow gold, diamonds set below and around orange star pearl. Clasps are white agate rings with square holes, the tool that made the square holes is attached as the toggle.

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