Ancient Punk! Star Holes in Stone.

Ancient PUNK!

STAR HOLES in stone.
The beginning.
By Jeffrey Appling
Lepidolite is a pink Mica. Brown Mica is called Muscovite, green is Fuchsite, and black is Biotite.

The flakiness of Mica is not due to planes of atomic weakness (cleavage planes). In Gemology we call it parting.


Mica makes a great heat shield and was used in ancient times (pre-flood).
Heat resistant and pliable (slight bending).

If you are wondering about the star hole? It was created the same way as the unexplained star holes shown below. Why researchers worldwide don’t understand this is beyond me. I prove sonic coring every time I write a blog.

Ultrasonic coring above. The shape of the tool dictates the shape of the hole and left over core. A round tube can be made different shapes by using a drawplate.

A 5-point star tube makes 5-point star holes.

Below, a Lepidolite Mica base supports this 440-carat faceted Amethyst, Quartz. The star tube that made the star holes was used to connect the pieces together and are locked in tight.

To keep the heavy 400+ carat Amethyst from flipping forward, I added a kickstand. Perfect for the art of Ancient Punk (fantasy and function using sound technology of our ancient ancestors). The kickstand is a steel tube with a star shape end connecting to the Amethyst and a round end connecting the Quartz pyramid.


The backside shows the steel star tubes protruding through Lepidolite. A 2.5-billion-year-old Pallasite (Nickel and Peridot, Olivine meteorite) plate is assembled to the base of the Quartz pyramid.


Connecting the Pallasite to the Quartz Pyramid are Peridot spheres and inverted Tsavorite Garnet glued.


The steel tube that made the star hole in Amethyst and round hole in Quartz pyramid is used to connect the 2 pieces together.

Jeff Appling

No prongs, just steel, gemstones, and ancient technology.

In artform this is Ancient PUNK!


The necklace is made up of Aventurine Quartz beads with a star hole. The star core that came from drilling the Aventurine star hole is also strung. The pinkish freshwater cultured Pearls have an individual star hole. All star holes are strung with an individual gold plated and faceted iron Pyrite bead.
Aventurine, Quartz gets its green color from numerous internal flakes of chrome green Mica (Fuchsite) inclusions.
All quartz is Piezoelectric and vibrates 32,768 times per second. Crypto or micro crystalline Quartz (Chalcedony) is piezoelectric as well.


Punk anything.

Below is Jet (fossilized coal). Steel drill tubes connect the pearls. Star kisses placed on outside of pearls.

(below) Punking out the toughest natural material on Earth.


Nephrite, Jade earrings (left) and a California Jadeite, Jade (clear creek) pendant.

Cores from drilling are used in the art.


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