Star Holes in Hematite

Sic sonic… to the core!

Iron- For Men and Women


Slick black metallic iron Hematite with internal enigmatic star holes that were engineered by sound amplification.


The left over star core from drilling is assembled to necklace as well.
A faceted iron Pyrite bead (gold plated) is strung within each enigmatic star hole.

Sick style – sonically driven

Testing for Hematite, just scrape the black Hematite on fine sand paper and a reddish brown streak will appear. Imitations of Hematite will not do this, only natural Hematite.


In order to make red ochre for cave painting, Hematite iron ore is needed. Crushing the black Hematite leaves red powder for pigment.

Cave of the HANDS (Arroyo Seco, California)
The red ocher drawings pre-date the white pigment hands assumed to be created by the Esselen tribe.

If you slice hematite really thin the appearance is RED.
Below is a Faceted Quartz crystal with Hematite flakes inside.

Sic-Sonic pendants.. to the core!
Sonic horn and transducer design. 10mm Hematite with perfect star hole. Star core from drilling is assembled above the Hematite bead.


Due to the iron content of Hematite, they are slightely magnetic.
Gold bead inside star hole and a gold plated faceted iron Pyrite.

No one in the world has created anything like this… ever.

Be the first to own one.


Above, ladies 8mm round Hematite to the core.

What’s really SICK?

Puncturing solid Quartz like a hot knife going through butter. The metal tool that made the perfect star hole in Quartz is left inside making a pendant out of a pendant.


That’s SICK!

…………..and Sonically created.

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