Jedi Gemology and the Inward Force.

Jedi Gemology
The beauty of the inward force.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)


A Jedi Gemologist uses their knowledge for truth and defense, never for attack. You need not be a Gemologist to learn Jedi Gemology. You will be required to have an open mind and remain teachable. You will not receive a diploma nor a certificate. You will receive what you bring in.
The less powerful external force is represented as red/orange like a fireball explosion.

The more powerful force is represented as blue/white like lighting.


Let go of everything you fear to lose and unlearn everything you have learned.


Light can be controlled within geometry. Internally reflecting and refracting.


Amplification of Sound created internal star holes in the above 440 carat illuminated  Amethyst, Quartz. We tend to think 186,000 miles per second is fast (light speed). What creates light? Sound creates light. Instead of laser technology, think Saser technology. Sound amplification not light amplification.

(above and below) Framing carved Aquamarine, Beryl and manipulating light internally.

30712264_435483060231135_1516508142823800832_nThe color blue is just a representation. What about the power of the inward force?

 You can demonstrate the power of the inward force of cavitation by emptying a flat bottom glass (amorphous structure) bottle. Fill the bottle with ¾ of water. Firmly tap or hit the top bottle using a rubber or blunt object. Using your palm or fist to hit the bottle has acceptable pain.  It only takes one proper hit. In the video below I demonstrate poor Jedi skills, impatient and a lack of calm focus.  Failure is the best teacher.


The struck bottle moves downward faster than the internal liquid creating a lower pressure. Low pressure bubbles are created and implode like a collapsing toroidal field sending a shock wave so-to-speak. The shockwave easily breaks through the glass separating the base from the top.


Share what you have learned and be a light in the darkness.

Jewelry by Jeffrey Appling.




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