Unexplained Star holes in Granite and now in Quartz?

Unexplained Star holes in Granite and now in Quartz?
By Jeffrey Appling

Sonic drilling of Granite is visible in ancient ruins all over the world. Academia denies the use of this technology and ignores it.

Sonic drilling is ONLY a mystery if researches continue falsely saying it is a mystery.

The hardest of the 3 minerals contained within Granite is Quartz (hardness 7 on MOHS scale)

Pictured below is a 440 carat Amethyst, Quartz containing internal star shape holes. The technology that made the star holes in this Quartz is the same technology that made the once unexplained “Volda” star hole in Norway and the once unexplained star holes in the USA.  This is the same technology that made the round cores in Egypt and geometrics in Puma Punku.

Photomicrograph (15x) below shows up close internal 5-point star holes in Amethyst, Quartz.

stars jpeg

(Above) The 6mm in diameter internal star holes are made by ultrasonic coring (drilling). The slight double appearance of the star holes is caused by double refraction. Quartz is doubly refractive with a refractive index reading of 1.54-1.55. The tool that made the star holes was a 6mm in diameter steel star shape tube. Of the 2 large internal star holes pictured above, the one on the left has a well-defined star shape at the top while the star hole on the right has a wavy top. The wavy top end of the star hole is due to a worn star drill tube. Simultaneously, the quartz is being pulverized by sympathetic destruction, the star metal tube abrades as well as the Quartz during the process of drilling. Even motorized propellers in water wear down due to cavitation. Tool pulse marks are made on both star cores and star holes as seen above. The pulse marks are commonly called striations by researchers and others not in the know.

(above left) star drill holes over facet junction, notice the star core is still intact.  (above right) star kisses made in less than 10 seconds each.

The ancient star holes in Granite found worldwide are NOT an unexplained mystery as researchers will lead you to believe. Watch any YouTube unsolved mystery series or documentary and they all say this is IMPOSSIBLE. The mystery only researchers are part of the problem. Almost anyone can learn sonic technology if they have access to the internet and an open mind.


(above) Triangle hole in Quartz Pyramid.

(below) A polished steel Star tube inserted into sonically created star hole in quartz crystal point. The tool that made the star hole is now part of the pendant design and is proof (truth). If someone of high esteem declares star holes in granite as unexplained phenomena or an unsolved mystery, you just hold tight that pendant to your heart and smile as you carry proof.  What you do with that knowledge is your choice.


Decide for yourself. Are the holes in the below pictures real? or did I possibly just photoshop a bunch of rocks?

….……… I believe this technology will change how jewelers set stones in the future and give gem carvers the ability to supersede all past processes of primitive diamond grinding and tooling.

I hope this information serves you well.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)


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