Sacred Geometry in gems and some more Jedi Gemology

Sacred Geometry in gems and some more Jedi Gemology

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)


Just like living (organic) organisms grow so do inorganic minerals and crystals. The growth patterns in Nature and in crystals show universal images of geometry. We understand the symbol above as the “star of David” in this twinned crystal of Spinel.

Above, twinned crystal of Spinel from Mogok.

Most gemstones are crystalline in structure and have a universal growth order.

If there is no crystalline growth structure it is considered amorphous (non-crystalline)

A few Non-crystalline structured gems include: Glass (natural and not natural) , Amber, and an organic fossilized coal called Jet. (all 3 pictured below)

Being a good Jedi, I will not name any individual, brand, and or company name.

Slag glass is Not a natural process its just a bunch of melted silica doped with coloring agents/ elements. It is an artificial process by humans.
Almost anyone can make it. Artificial Childs play.


Beware of those who profit from misleading others with untrue statements and mystical fantasies concerning slag glass.

They will fight with one another claiming who is entitled to name ownership and price setting. This is profit over a fake artificially made glass attached to untrue story telling, fake uncorroborated mining sight locations, and more made up ideologies. As a Gemologist and diligent appraiser, I can verify the value of  artificially (not natural) manufactured glass is only pennies to a few dollars per pound.


No matter if the slag glass weighs 4 pounds or is a small 5 carat piece, its artificial (fake). It does not matter the price sold, it’s the deception from truth that is damaging.

The consumer is ultimately harmed. The damages blend into the metaphysical community as venders are now unknowingly misleading the consumer with placebo sales and  misinformation. Lies upon lies do not help us spiritually.

Sometimes we do see little miracles in slag glass

Below, A photomicrograph in green slag glass.
The white inclusion in this glass grew and turned in sacred geometry.


I thought the white twinned crystal inclusions were madly interesting, so I sent the specimen to John Koivula, Chief research Gemologist at the Gemological Institute of America.

John was mostly responsible as the science guy for Hollywood studios in which he came up with the antidotes that helped the tv series character MacGyver get out of harms way, usually within seconds.

The white inclusions were identified by Mr. Koivula as twinned and intergrown akermanite-gelenite inclusions. Mineralogical text say that these minerals are the product of “furnace slags and artificial melts.” The first he had seen. Photomicrograph was published in the Summer issue of Gems and Gemology magazine, 1995.


Pictured below are the photomicrographs that Mr. Koivula returned to me. The photo used in the magazine, they kept.

Digital cameras were not easily available at this time. I made the photomicrographs using a Pentax P3 35mm camera body adapted to the ocular of my microscope.


The microscopic world is not different than the much larger outer universe. How can this be? Little things make big things.
All are connected.

And now some Jedi Gemology identification.

The below neon bluish green gem was thought to be Natural. Possibly a Pariaba Tourmaline worth $20,000? or possibly an Apatite at $400?

The bottom of the faceted gem is bulged out to retain more weight and to create more depth of color. This is called a native cut, common to natural gemstones.
Standard gemological testing revealed typical Corundum characteristics.

Refractive index 1.76-1.77
Specific gravity 4.00
No fluorescence under Long wave or short wave UV.
Even at 55X magnification the gem is flawless using darkfield illumination and overhead lighting.

Using fiberoptic illumination from the side of the gem, a red glow appears and hundreds of tiny gas bubbles become visible. The bright illuminated fiber optic light source made visible the red emission caused by the presence of trace elements of magnesium.

The gemstone identification is concluded as being synthetic bluish/green Sapphire, Corundum and created by the flame-fusion process.

The value of this material is a little more than that of over priced slag glass.

A little more knowledge lights our way. ~Yoda?


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