The San Juan Capistrano Rock Ruin. Legends.

The San Juan Capistrano Rock Ruin.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

Swallows visiting the San Juan Capistrano (SJC) ruin are not as abundant as they were in the past.

Migrating swallows stopped returning to the SJC ruin in 2009 because the magnetic north pole is moving 40 miles a year towards Russia. The movement or shifting of the magnetic pole is the reason for Earth’s recent climatic anomalies and changes.

This is a natural occurrence.


The Earth’s axis rotates just as a spinning top does. The period of rotation (precession) is about 26,000 years (running through the zodiac). Therefore, the North Celestial Pole will not always be point towards the same starfield. Precession is caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon on the Earth.

Swallows traveling in flocks of thousands have been reported at two major feeding stops in Peru and Mexico.


The swallows stop at San Juan Capistrano Ruins, Mexico Ruins, Peru Ruins, and Goya Ruins, where advanced machining of rock occurred and now is in ruins.
The path of the swallows is that of the ley-lines where ancient ruins are created with advanced technology.

Ley-lines are energy grid lines of the earth where energy sources exist.
When machining geometrics into stone I tap into an AC outlet.
Ley-lines are similar to extension cords.


(above) I tap into an AC outlet for a power source when machining geometrics in rock.
The builders using advanced technology powered up using these energy lines.
The ancient builders of the ruins from California to Argentina used advanced technology in stone making. The ancient builders tapped into the free energy of the Earth through ley-lines as a power source to machine their rock work.

The sparrows are able to follow the electromagnetic energy lines of these ruins because they have a magnetic mineral in their head that aids in the detection of magnetic fields.
Magnetite, the most magnetic mineral on earth is attracted to a magnet and can be magnetized to become a permanent magnet itself. Compass.

The swallows follow or ride the electromagnetic waves using their magnetic detecting senses that we cannot see.

And electromagnetic sine waves.

Migrating birds can sense what we cannot see.


Studies have shown that no matter from which direction a flock of ducks (other birds as well) approaches a body of standing water, its members usually land on it in alignment with the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field.
The latest research suggests birds detect magnetic fields in two ways. One relies on small pieces of naturally occurring magnetite (a magnetic iron oxide) in their beaks, or inner ears, or both. The other employs a magnetism-sensitive chemical reaction in their eyes, allowing them to “see” the Earth’s magnetic field.
I believe the pyramid builders were explaining electromagnetism through imagery of what nature can do. I have no proof of this, its just a wishful thought in observation. However, the Hieroglyphs are machined by sound technology.

Above are sonically created impressions in red Granite.

If we had the extra sensory perception (like Ducks) to detect Earths electromagnetic energy points, we could then find energy sources that are otherwise invisible to us.

We should tap that!

Starting in SJC, the migrating sparrows feeding stop in Mexico is one third of the 6000-mile straight line distance from California to Argentina.
Pictured below is San Juan Capistrano and Goya.

1/3 stops at megalithic and ancient ruins from San Juan Capistrano.
To Goya.
The birds follow the pathway of the electromagnetic grid.

The Ley-line runs through SJC and Mexico ruins. (pictured below)

At Mexico the ley-line then crosses the ruins in Guatemala.
The ley-lines seem to follow the fault line. Jadeite, Jade is found along metamorphic faults.

Jadeite, Jade occurs in 3 major places: Myanmar (Burma), Guatemala, and Clear Creek California with the last 2 areas located on this ley-line.

(Above left) a Jadeite boulder from Guatemala and picture to the right is an ancient Mayan Jadeite tablet.
Jadeite, Jade is extremely tough (resistant to breaking).
I could not get the Jade boulder below to break, even by pounding giant granite boulders upon it. Granite breaks easy compared to Jade.
Jadeite river boulder below found in Arroyo Seco, California.
A tiny portion carved out of the boulder reveals the gemmy part beneath the iron stained crust.

(Above right) a whitish green Jadeite pendant from Clear Creek, California. The Jade pendant is drilled with perfect round and geometric star holes using ultra-sonic technology.
Today, master jade carvers using diamond tools cannot make internal geometric holes with acute angles in Jade.
(Pictured above right) Jadeite carved with internal geometric holes with acute angles.

Another unique gemstone found near clear creek in San Benito County is Benitoite.

The gemstone Benitoite is rarer than diamond and sapphire combined. Benitoite has a slightly higher dispersion rate than a Diamond (more fire). the gemmy blue crystal is located only in the Clear Creek New Idria region.


The gemmy blue crystal is located only in the Clear Creek New Idria region of California (California State Gemstone in 1985)


(Above) hexagonal outline of this alluvial Benitoite crystal.
(Below left) same Benitoite Crystal with a sonically created star hole and core under daylight.

(Above right) machined star core and hole under short wave ultraviolet light.

Leaving Guatemala, the sparrows take a break in Peru.

Cusco, Peru (above right) has similar polygonal columns as SJC.
The Sparrows fly over Peru’s Nazca lines.


Along the ley line the swallows continue through Peru to Bolivia.
Bolivia shows sonically created geometric masonry (stonework)

Passing Bolivia is San Ignacio Miní ruins (below image). Goya is the last stop for the swallows.


The 6,000-mile journey from San Juan Capistrano to Goya has an arrival and departure dates for these swallows.
Swallows arrive at SJC ruin March 19-21. The swallows migrating patters coincide with the masonic Royal Arch information.
The timeline patters found with migrating swallows coincides with Masonic thinking.


The Royal Arch is that of the Sun’s travels through the zodiac. The ecliptic, which is the center of the band of sky called the zodiac, is defined as the planet of the path of the center of the Sun. A graph of the Sun’s delination is the basis of the arch shape in the Royal Arch:

The summer solstice is represented as the key-stone of the arch, and has the astronomical sign of the sun inscribed upon it, showing that the 21st of June the sun is exalted to the summit of the arch.
(Below) 2 pillars hold up the arch are called Jachin and Boaz, are sometimes simply labeled as J and B, and are important elements in understanding the Royal Arch via operative Masonry.


The search for this temple has eluded human kind for all history.
Biblical King Solomon had a temple made (others were made) to house the powerful Ark.
The ark itself was made of layers of wood and gold to store this powerful energy source and acted as a capacitor in which to hold and disperse high amounts of energy at will.

The stone was so radiant that it was blinding like the sun. The people using this technology (long before the last great flood) were called sun gods. These people used this technology often.

Pre flood advanced societies (around 12,000BCE) had possibly many more energy crystals and capacitors but after a comet hit north America 11,700 years ago, it induced a rapid melt causing a major flood that wiped out advanced civilizations and high technology.
If searching for the Power contained within the ark ask yourself, is it for his glory our yours.
The ark is serious business and is never to be taken lightly as its power is that of God.
Scientifically it’s the tetragrammaton (anti-gravity device)
A few energy Arks may be buried underground waiting for a worthy technological society to find, responsibly understand, and maximize its full capacity (wield the power), hopefully for the good of humanity.


The most important clue needed to find Solomon’s temple that housed the Ark of the covenant is to know the time period of King Solomon and the geographical location for that time period.


Biblical King Solomon (son of King David) lived in the latter part of the Atlantean period.
The Atlantean period ended with the flood circa, 9,564BC. The Atlantean civilization was worldwide with a large portion in California. Although buried underground advanced technology and ruins can be found by following the ley-lines, then digging down deep. The USA was ground zero for the flood and should be well covered.

Solomon lived (pre-flood). Civilization was in USA and possible located along energy grid lines
In order to machine stone an energy source is needed. Advanced stonework is located on ley-lines where the power is emitted.
Follow the ley-lines to find the Temples construction.


A quest for the holly of hollies.

(Above) are images relating to King Solomon’s Temple.
The temple cannot be found without the actual timeline. The timeline changes the geographic.
Without a geographic location we do not know where to dig. We do now.
If you are NOT digging for the Temple in California, then you are digging in the wrong place.


Clues for finding the Temple can be found in Masonic imagery.
The Temple had specific images portrayed within and without. The knowledge is hidden in many societies of secrecy; however, the sacred symbols are available for the world to see and understand.
Beneath the bedrock of the temple is the ark at rest.

(above left) Ark under Temple ruins. (above right) Advanced stonework in ruins.
Palm trees in upper corners of both pictures is just by chance?

To find a Temple after a major Earth-wide cataclysm that destroys a technically advanced living society, clues would have to be implemented for a future similar advanced people to find and understand.

The clues implemented would represent the abilities of that society itself.


Images below are magnified images from above.

(above images) have similarities to SJC.
After a major cataclysm the people and structures will be swept away. Most construction will be buried with debris. The only structure visible if not buried from such a disaster would be the stone base outlining the temple and possibly broken column remains.
Below left is a Masonic drawing. Below right is the SJC ruin outline.

(below) when drawn the outline of the ruin is in a cross shape with a key-like configuration at one end.

A rock built base will stand thousands of years into the future.

An civilization using advance stone masonry will be carving stone with perfect geometry. Detecting machined rock can be checked with a carpenters square to measure angle accuracy and flat surfaces in machined rock.

A carpenter’s compass can be used to analyze building measurements and Pillar placement.

Geometrics machined in stone.

The step cuts seen here below at SJC are portrayed in many Masonic images. Pillar pictured above right at SJC has been repurposed, below image is original.


Perfect machine cuts above at SJC ruins.


Pillar marked “S” is strength? The sacred masculine depicted by the Sun symbol.
Masons call this Jachin, the yang polarity (positive force outward). Material. Male.
Pillar “B” Boaz or beauty and emotion. The yin polarity (negative charge, receptive force inward) represents the sacred feminine.


Center is pillar of wisdom known as the ionic pillar.
The 2 forces combined create balance or equilibrium. Duality.
Like 2 sound waves approaching one another causing a standing wave.
Strength and emotion combined for the 3rd unseen pillar of wisdom.

Masonic symbols of the 2 pillars below are not complete without the Royal Arch upon them.

The pillars have an arch called the Royal Arch with a special keystone.

(below) Special keystone placed in center arch and 2 pillars at SJC.

Behind the two pillars at SJC are 2 doorways each with a symbol “SUN”.

and “Duality” similar to masonic tradition.

Time portals?


Legend says the Temple had 4-5 steps within a door (recessed) as proposed in the image (below left).

The SJC has 5 geometric indentations above the doorway (above right).

San Juan capistrano has many of the masonic legends and may be one of the many temples machined in stone. The temple would have the geometry to hold and amplify the powerful ark capacitor just as the machined red granite in egypt holds a powersource to amplify the great pyramid.

The ark is buried under the Temple bedrock.


As above so below.


The power created from within the gold and wood capacitor was 2 Sapphire crystals with a hexagonal shape that emit great power.
The power contained within the ark is the power of the Lord.
The power the Lord is the Tetragrammaton.


Anti-gravity device.



Visit San Juan Capistrano rock ruin June 21st during the Summer solstice.

As above so below.

Research into our past hidden history enables a fantastic muse in art  jewelry.

The enigmatic green keystone at SJC ruin (Royal Arch).  Star holes in green pumice and cross shape pearl are made using the technology of our ancient ancestors. The technology of sound amplification. Atlantean Tech, USA.

A 5 point star hole is drilled through each cross-shape Pearl representing the cross shape temple ruin.

Strung in the center of each sonically created star hole is a gold plated and faceted iron pyrite bead.

A Golden ark spinning inside a cross Pearl.


Jewelry of the gods.

the result is







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