The San Juan Capistrano Rock Ruin. Atlantis Arises.

The San Juan Capistrano Rock Ruin. Atlantis Arises.
Atlantis is arising not because of our ignorance.  Atlantis (A time before the last great flood) is rising due to natural erosion.
By Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

In 1941 a Damn was finished creating todays Crowley Lake in California. Decades of water swashing against the east side shoreline has unveiled volcanic Tuff Tubes.


The igneous Tuff rock columns at Lake Crowley were able to withstand water erosion whereas softer sedimentary material surrounding the columns falls aside and disintegrates, leaving only the harder volcanic Tuff.

Left and right pillars shown below at San Juan Capistrano (SJC) ruin are carved (machined) from Volcanic Tuff.

The pillar shown left has been repurposed (repaired with non stone material)
The left and right side doorways still show masterful stone carving.

The polygonal construction is easily visible along the left side doorway.

(Above) an 8 sided polygonal machined volcanic Tuff block.
Each side of the center polygonal block shows machine engineering of volcanic Tuff.

The Igneous rock Tuff withstands the elements of time compared to sedimentary rock such as sandstone.

Below is a machined Tuff doorway at SJC. The machined doorway is assembled with no mortar. The inside painted wood trim is of primitive work (recent work).

Machining volcanic Tuff as shown above cannot be achieved with chisels, hammers, and abrasive sandpaper alone. This is a different technology of aggregate manipulation with extreme precision.

The machining of the Tuff rock above is similar to the machining of geometric stone found in many ruins around the world.

Machined Tuff Obelisk above from Ethiopia. A large carved pillar with a beautiful granular fracture.
(below) A cross building carved out of solid rock.

The doorways and steps are made for taller people than the tiny people pictured above.

The fracture seen in the SJC ruins is that of a single machined rock (TUFF)

Clean breaks from a massive force created the above fractures at SJC. A fractured obelisk in Ethiopia (below).


Much volcanic tuff construction is hidden underground by soil and vegetation.


(above, Easter Island) Volcanic Tuff statues buried under thousands of years of sedimentary strata.

(above) Angkor Wat, Cambodia.

The Ancient carved stone construction above definitely has a couple hundred years of vegetation upon it.

(below) The Natural Crowley Lake columns are now visible due to lakeside wave erosion.


 Ocean waves are much more powerful than lake waves and can erode with greater speed.

(below) Exposed stone columns from ocean wave erosion at Half Moon Bay.


Ocean waves crashing along a sea cliff at Half Moon Bay, California. The now exposed columns are of very old construction. Above image showing stone pillars protruding out of strata.

The Ritz Carlton was built up above this structure in 1991. The shoreline was off limits to the public for decades and reopened after the columns starting to fall and cause potential public harm. After a lawsuit the beach is now back open, but the stone columns and pillars are mostly hauled away.


The metal tube pictured in bottom left images is not part of the original stone construction.


The reedbar sticking out of the top layers of cement are not part of original construction. The primitive touch up work is by the hotel.


(above) the columns are no longer there however the remaining columns still
lay hidden within the sedimentary strata, under the Ritz Carlton hotel.

The ocean will expose more in time.

Through our ingnorence we dismiss what is visible in front of our very own eyes.

Ancient advanced construction pictured below.

And if we ask questions we are told by acadenia that it is of no importance and not relevant?
The above left image was not built by missionaries and Natives. The Structure above right was not an underground car garage proposal for the Hotel.

Machininig of ancient stonework is found along energy grid lines (Ley lines).

The energy grid runs through Silicon valley, Half Moon Bay, Santa Cruz, Salinas/Monterey to San Juan Capistrano.
Moving south from SJC ruin is Teotihuacan (Mexico pyramids), Guatemala ruins, Peru, Bolivia, etc.

Machined star holes are found in a limestone quarry in Gazelle, California (west of mount Shasta). I’m sure many more star holes in rock will start showing up in California as people become aware.

Star Holes in Stone can be achieved by ultrasonic carving/ drilling.


The above granite has a triangle hole and a 5-point star hole created ultrasonically with a metal tube.
Academia says the above holes are impossible to make in stone.

So if we found this advanced technology deep underground, then what?

This star-shaped hole pictured below was found by contractors on Friday November 30, 2007 in Volda, Norway.


After removing surface vegetation and loose surface material with an excavator, contractors started working on the massive mountain. It was during this work inside the mountain, this hole was unveiled.
The perfect star hole deeply penetrates into the mountain rock.

Pictures above and below show the site and the broken boulder penetrated by the star-shaped hole.

The diameter of the hole is approximately 65 – 70 mm.


Advanced technology buried deep under the ground.

As California erodes away our ancient history is being revealed.

Ignorant or not there it is. Advanced technology used thousands of years ago.

Today, you can wear proof of Ancient advanced technology by way of a 5-point star hole created ultrasonically in California river Granite.

Jewelry of the Gods (advanced technology in wearable art)

After sonically drilling a star or triangle hole a core is created with the same shape as the hole.


After slicing a star shape core, a 5-point star shape disc is created.

Perpendicular machine cuts in a machined core creates
“Cogged Stones”

Cogged stones washed up in Santa Ana.

A few machined discs are housed at the Bowers museum.

Sonic drilling/ carving is like a cookie cutter punching through soft dough.

Above left is a sandstone star disc “Cogged stone” and above right is a multi pointed granite core slice “Cogged Stone”.

Star holes in sandstone above and arrowhead below.


Machine engineering in stone can be seen in the below Tourmalated Quartz Crystal skull (from Bowers museum) and in the Tourmilated Quartz crystal pendant.

The San Juan Capistrano Rock ruin holds many secrets awaiting to be learned.


Once we accept whats in front of us, we may move forward with great velocity.

Before the Volda Star hole was found in Norway, people living in the area reported seeing strange neon glowing lights above the area where the star holes were found.

Atlantean era people were in California thousands of years before the last flood. (pre-10,000 BCE)
Geology shows this in the seaside cliff sedimentary strata.

Below cliff strata showing thousands of years of layered earth.

(Half Mood Bay, California).


(below) Advanced stone machining of volcanic Tuff at San Juan Capistrano, California rock ruins.

Logic suggest that energy grid lines (ley lines) are used for advanced machining of stone and areas of energy amplification.

The San Juan Capistrano Rock ruin is made up of machined volcanic Tuff pillars and arches having geometric patterns, open flowers carved with precision, and machined polygonal bases.
The people pictured below were said to be the labor force that built the San Juan Capistrano building.


Machining of rock was not acheveved by the native people nor by the primitive Franciscan missionaries.

The Franciscan missionaries enslaved the Native people.

For thousands of years the Kizh people trived upon the lands in Southern California. What we now call San Juan Capistrano is a small portion of the Kizh Nation’s territory where the people peacefully lived and thrived for thousands of years before any Euopean colonization.
When the Spanish came through the area in the early 1700’s they brought with them disease which killed much of the Kizh people.


Franciscan Father Serra, breaks 2 commandments as he enslaves his fellow man for a self serving grand cause?
Before Father Serra dies, he suggested the officers and solders not to harm the forced converts. Only the church can decide if harm be done.


After Enslavement by the Spanish and used as forced labor, the Kizh people are stricken from historical truth and falsly named Tongva or Gabrielinos.
The once proud people are not respected as equall fellow humans, instead they are treated like children and viewed as inferior hunter gatherers that are not relavant to the greater good of the church.

All 4th grade Californians are forced to learn a false history. We learn in fourth grade about adobe making and Spanish settlements with Missions along the California coast.
In San Juan Capistrano the children are taught that the missionaries built the rock ruin with the help of Indian labor.
The following is a basic teaching of Californias best Academic minds.

1776: Mission San Juan Capistrano is established by Father Junipero Serra.

A straight sided dried mud and rock Church is to be constructed with Native labor.


1797, The rock Church (white diagram above image) started construction using the knowledge of the times, dried mud brick walls (adobe), hard and soft aggregate rock accumulation (primitive construction).


Once the mud is is mixed and packed into a wood frame (turned daily) it takes 5 days to harden enough for stacking. The lasting strenght of this mud material for building is poor and far from earthquake proof let alone common weathering.

Shown below is a piece of old adobe, Bowers museum.

There is no metion of stone carving tools for missionaries or Natives. Just packing and stacking dried mud.

 (below) carved wood by the Natives.


The Natives made uneven carvings in this wood piece.

Carving stone is more difficult.

Text say, stone mason Isidro Aguilar from Spain (actually a Mexican Man with some Aztec heritage) came in 1797, oversaw the construction for 3 years and died in 1803. In 3 years the Natives dragged in tons of sandstone in from 6 miles away? While Isidro hand carved the sandstone himself? Isidro carved the graceful doorways and arches out of this sandstone all in 3 years?


Isidro dies in 1803 and its now up to the natives to complete the first rock church ever created in California. The natives finish the church within another 7 years. (3 years with a Man from mexico and 7 years without his guidance)


If the natives carved any of the stone columns after Isidros death, they would have had to learn ardous skills in geometric carving, polygonal cutting of rock and precision placement with balance. (anti-earthquake).
The tools needed would have to be the best in the world. Rotary machine and steel tools.

The mud inlaid straight walls along all construction is that of the Spanish missionaries and Natives. The materials used and the knowledge of construction at that time render this building helpless to all future earthquakes.

7 years after the completion of California’s first Rock Church in San Juan Capistrano an earthquake hit during Sunday mass. 1812.

Just like the walls of Jericho, the dried mud walls of Capistrano came tumbling down.
The dried mud brick walls of the rock church were flattened in an instant, creating mounds of broken dirt and rock. The only areas not affected are the enigmatic stone carvings and polygonal bases.

SPECIAL NOTE: The carved rock columns, pillars, and arches of San Juan Capistrano are not made from sedimentary sandstone as claimed by Academia. The columns and pillars are of igneous volcanic Tuff.


In time the surrounding mission would be rebuilt in stages but the giant rock church would never be rebuilt. It laid there untouched for decades.

Millions of Dollars were spent to touch up and secure the broken mud packed ruin in San Juan Capistrano.
It looks no better today after the millions of dollars spent in restoration. Its still unfinished as the day the mud was applied in 1797.  The Natives used the premade broken tuff ruins as supports to build their primitive walls (still seen today).


If Academia truly believes the Natives made the original Capistrano building, why not pay the American Indians 2 million dollars to rebuild the rock church to its former glory.
As it was originally constructed!
Machined columns. Enigmatic doorways.

Grand carved volcanic Tuff triple arches down the hallway.


I hope this information helps in understanding that we are ignorant and have become naïve with the false teachings forced upon us.

Please use kindness and forgivness to those that tresspass against you.
Use what you learn and be a light in the darkness.



Arches, crosses, and geometry for todays jewelry design.

Jewelry by Jeffrey Appling.
Jewelry of the Gods.



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