Dating ancient rock ruins of California.

Dating the ancient rock ruins of California.

 Who made what and when?

By Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

The Aryan race (all ethnic Humans living today) lived within the Atlantean era that ended 11,700 years ago due to a major flood.

 Our distant predecessors were 9 feet in height and taller. We lived alongside them before the flood.

 9-foot Human skeletons were excavated outside San Juan Capistrano and within the Santa Catalina Islands.


The rock ruin in San Juan Capistrano is of advanced technology. The ancient temple was already in ruins when the Franciscans missionaries and natives added poor adobe and rough rock construction to it in the late 1700s.

The actual machined Temple ruins have not changed since 1776 and stay true to form while the poor construction added later easily crumbles away.

(Above left) Capistrano in 1870. (above right) Capistrano in 2020.

The temple has not changed just the unsightly dirt and rock conglomerate.

The machined Tuff construction stays and the poor construction crumbles.

The machine carved volcanic Tuff temple ruin located in San Juan Capistrano has 2 inner 9-foot arched doorways (doorways are blocked off?)

The 9 foot (ID) machined Tuff doorways (pictured above) at San Juan Capistrano have a comfortable height for us to walk through if they were not blocked off.  A human taller than 9 feet would have to duck or bow before passage.

(below) Polygonal blocks carved from Volcanic Tuff and assembled without cement (anti-earthquake).


Polygonal blocks can withstand earthquakes but will not survive a blow to the side by a tsunami.

(below rectangular stone doorway) Outside the temple is a carved volcanic Tuff doorway showing extreme weathering and erosion.

(Pictured above right) Water eroded bases of Tuff doorway. Many hundreds to thousands of years erosion are evident here.

The volcanic Tuff doorway when originally machined carved would have looked crisp and clean as is the recently added cement block repairs that now stabilize the bottom.

Below is another rectangular machined stone doorway assembled without cement.

There are hidden clues all over the San Juan Capistrano rock ruin. Look for geometry and patterns.

(Above) carved Tuff doorway keystone block has an open flower carved with precision. The square perimeter has individual convex carvings with specific patterns. Machining of stone is precise, so these patterns were intended and not random.

Who made the advanced construction at Capistrano? Them or Us? I don’t know yet. Please help.

The temple is most likely a pre-flood construction.

If we did not machine the temple at san Juan Capistrano ourselves, we may have commissioned the work by those using this advanced technology better than ourselves (possibly the taller ones).

Example: King Solomon hired outside help (Herod) to build the geometrically precise Temple to house the holly of hollies.


The Temple was machined from volcanic Tuff, made earthquake proof with polygonal bases, and has undergone thousands of years of weathering and erosion.

This is no lie.

Although we are a Human species with our history stricken from us, we can still marvel and learn what we have forgotten.

We would need overwhelming evidence for such long timelines and we can do this through the sedimentary strata of past ages.


 Undeniable evidence is needed that is before the time of the Gobekli Tepe ruins.

The purposely buried ruins in Gobekli Tepe can be dated by digging up the buried layers and testing organic material for carbon dating.


(above) Gobekli Tepe ruin in Turkey is barely pre-flood, 12,500 BP (before present).

In order to go back further in time geologically we need trace indicators.  We would need actual ruins buried under thousands of years of sedimentary strata.

The Atlantean timeline goes far back into millions of years, so we need to look at rock strata pre-flood and before.

Geologically we call this time the Pleistocene epoch lasting from 2,580,00 to 11,700 years ago.

A great example illustrating this geologic age timeline is seen along the sea cliffs of Half Moon Bay, California.


Here along Half Moon Bay we can see a sandstone cliff belonging to the Rosario Formation with an overlay of Pleistocene deposits.


If Lewis and Clark made the west coast trip here at half moon bay instead of Washington state, they would have been touching soil along the top few inches within the above cliff topsoil.

Inches below the Lewis and Clark Strata is hundreds of years older, and below that is older.

The 50 foot cliffs at Half Moon Bay are of the Pleistocene era, 11,700 to 2.5 billion years ago.

Any ruin that can be found in this timeline strata can be aged.

(Below) Stone pillars protruding out of Pleistocene sedimentary strata, pictured in June 2020.


The pillars or columns run the length of the 50 foot cliff and go deep underground.

A year earlier they were demolished by the Hotel.


Less than a decade ago the ruin showed much more of its grandeur.

Because we are taught human civilization is not much older than 5,000 years old, we dismiss this ancient construction as………………. Not important?… not real?

The protruding columns are not part of an underground parking lot idea of the hotel. Any reed bar visible is that of the Hotel and is commonly on recent cement touch ups above the pillars.

The large metal column on the left was not of the military, rather a coverup by the Hotel and is no more than 35 years old. 50 years ago this ruin was not visible, it was completely covered and hidden for all time.

The ocean has crashed its force upon the cliffs of Half moon Bay and has eroded away the softer rock strata, leaving ancient construction. Nature dug it up.


If Gobekli Tepe is the envy of Archaeologist worldwide?

The ancient ruins in California in my opinion are more revealing to our true distant past.

I will be story telling our past history by making jewelry. This is not todays jewelry made with primitive diamond tools. I’m using advanced sound technology of our ancestors.

The best way for me to teach truth of ancient advanced technology is to make wearable art using the same technology.

“jewelry of the gods” will be a website where I make jewelry using advanced sound technology of our distant ancestors.

Coming soon


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