Rise of the Jedi- Archaeologist.

Rise of the Jedi- Archaeologist.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

Jedi– The light and truth.

Archaeologist– A person who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains.

Not everything is as it seems. The below image of a sliced Franklinite (rock from New Jersey) showing a rough side and a smooth side (machine cut).  We cannot see the magnetism holding the small magnet sphere to the Franklinite, yet this force is present and beyond our sense of understanding.


(below) Subjecting the Franklinite rock to short wave ultraviolet light (253.7nm) causes the atoms within the rock to vibrate faster to an excited state in which the friction causes light.


Calcite is the orange and Willemite is the green.

Everything in the universe is vibrating and we cannot see it all.

The Jedi Archaeologist can see what others cannot, simply by applying a little knowledge and observation of ancient construction.

A little more knowledge lights the way.


(below) We see Masonic images reflecting a rough cut and perfect cut cube described as “Ashlar Rough” and “Ashlar Perfect”.

One is advanced technology (perfect) and the other is primitive (rough)

 “Ashlar Perfect” can only be achieved with advanced technology such as amplified sound waves creating “Sympathetic Destruction”, diamond impregnated rotating wheels (lapidary), Laser (cutting), water-jet at 160,000 PSI (cutting).

The Jedi Archaeologist is always open minded.

The secret to finding ancient engineering is in understanding the difference between advanced technology and primitive technology.


Rough stone is made by blunt banging or chiseling with primitive tools.

Today we are the primitives. As long as we are taught that banging 2 rocks together can geometrically carve the granite walls at the great pyramid in Egypt we are forever kept in a dark age.


Only advanced technology can make near perfectly straight smooth sides and 90 degree geometrics both internally and externally.

Below is a machine carved block of volcanic Tuff.  A break runs perpendicular to the smooth machined grooves running down the length. The rough fracture is forward facing.


A good example of “Ashlar Rough” is the primitive construction surrounding the carved Tuff support beams. The uneven chunks of Sandstone are poorly stacked with dried mud.  The granular break in the carved Tuff can also be “Ashlar Rough”.


Although the above and below carved Tuff rock has been touched up near the breaks, the machining is perfect.


The beauty of this perfectly carved Tuff is that its from one solid piece of rock.

The primitive construction surrounding the perfectly carved Tuff is rough and jagged.

Examples of “Ashlar Rough” and “Ashlar Perfect” are right in front of everybody’s eyes.

Where are all the Masonic lodge guys?

This is entry level observation for the Jedi Archaeologist.


The Missionaries only added dried mud (adobe) and jagged sandstone to the already existing carved rock ruins.

The missionaries did not geometrically carve the pillars, arches, and columns.

The missionaries did not make the below polygonal base construction made of volcanic Tuff.


This temple ruin is possibly over 10,000 years old.

The remains of the carved Tuff temple is here and now for all to see.

Yet we are taught the machined Tuff Temple is made of Sandstone and created by Franciscan Missionaries and Natives using adobe starting shortly after 1776.

How can Missionaries and Natives build what we cannot make today? They didn’t.

Natives used advanced technology to build this at the same time of America’s Independence and on the opposite coast? No.

The below dried mud is the work of Missionaries and Natives. “Ashlar Rough”


(Below) perfectly carved volcanic Tuff  made by an advanced civilization “Ashlar Perfect”.


The ancient pre history Temple is located in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Pre-Missionaries, pre-Columbus, pre- Knights Templar, pre-Vikings, pre-Rome, pre-Greek and so on.


Ignorance is blind. Open your eyes to the light and truly see what is hidden.


Anyone interested in exploring up and down California like Indiana Jones is welcome to join me.  No prequalification’s, just having fun living and learning outside the matrix of Academia.

All emails are responded too.

Until then,

 keep the light on.



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