San Simeon California Jade

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

San Simeon California rock art using sound technology.

After making rock art using gems obtained from a small beachside area in Cambria California, I decided to try a few miles north in the town of San Simeon. 

I brought my buddy Alan with me (a common companion on my adventures) and he told me about an Alien Abduction story from this area. Something about a time-lapse.  That kind of got a fun vibe going as we tracked down the cove.

Prior to the trip I used a satellite map to locate something similar to Cambria.

When I got to the beach it was all sand and no gem gravel to pick through as I had enjoyed in Cambria. The only thing interesting is the melted tar-like substance on the beach rock.

Alien looking tar

The harden alien-like tar when broken off appears similar to the fracture seen on broken black volcanic obsidian.

Freaky amorphous stuff with high reflection capabilities.

With the beach being all sand (not pictured) I looked to the cliff and I see a nice conglomerate of alluvial rock in a strata meandering within the cliffside. I need to know what is in it!

Standing on the beach looking up at the strata
Close up image of conglomerate rock vein in cliff strata

  It is illegal to tool rock out of the cliff and I do not want to wait a hundred years for wave erosion just to know what’s in the strata.

However, It is legal to pick up a rock off the ground.  I followed the cobble strata to where it intersects with an eroded walking trail.

Sitting on conglomerate vein

Alan is pictured sitting on top of the cobble strata and finding Jade and Chalcedony (Agate and Jasper).  

The rock in the conglomerate is covered with iron stained dirt so it has the same brownish orange color. They all look the same hue.

Not having bottled water handy to reveal the rock color behind the dirt, we relied on the rocks texture and spit.

(Below image) Standing on top of the conglomerate strata (where Alan was sitting)

Notice how the strata comes right to where we are standing.

Cobble stone conglomerate at foot level.

The First rock I found (stepped on) was a dirt covered bubbly rock with a green color underneath. It later identified as Nephrite, Jade.

Note: You have to create your own wave action by pouring water on the ground (trail).  Dig a little mud with a hard stick when no one is looking and you got a 3 foot sluice box with some of the richest  gem ground in California *comically thinking to myself*

$600 per square yard?  The area I sat down achieved over $800 in a few feet of top soil.. wow!

Below is a small handful pile of collected rocks from Pico.

pile of collected rocks

After an hour of sitting and picking we headed back home.

I grabbed a hand full of the collected rocks and made rock art at home using sonic core drilling of our ancient ancestors and gems from San Simeon California.

(above) The bases are colored Jasper, Chalcedony with Nephrite Jade tops. Center snail is siltstone. 

Beautiful gems from San Simeon California and a hint of Alien.

inspirational alien tar
(above) This blue/green Bubble Jade was brown when I accidentally stepped on it.
Machine cuts in Jade. sonic holes and steel tubes hold the pieces.
Large round indentation in siltstone was made by Nature. The triangle holes are made by using the sonic power of Nature.
Nephrite Jade fracture. sonic round and triangle hole.
Sonic holes in an iron stained Nephrite Jade from San Simeon.

the end.

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