Pillars of Reality

The 4th dimension.

The inspirational story for my art was while listening to Matias De Stefano on the Gaia website (initiation series). As a jewelry designer its a fantastic ride and a worthy muse in remembrance.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

Outside the 3rd dimension of matter, we see and understand nothing.

However, in the 4th dimension (time) we can achieve enlightenment or understanding through the pillars of reality.

The 1st dimension is positive (unity) and the 2nd dimension is negative (duality)

The 2 dimensions expand away and then contract together creating the 3rd dimension (trinity)

Similar to 2 mother cells meeting


 (positive and negative)

Body and soul in the same spot.

From the 2nd dimension the 4th is created by polarity.

The 9 dimensions represented below show an octahedron within a sphere.

Into the Void.

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