Treasure Map to the Temple. Ashlar Perfect.

Jeffrey Appling GJG (GIA)

Ashlar = Stone

Ashlar is a term used in masonry which basically means a rough stone for building.

Ashlar Rough, Ashlar Clean, and Ashlar Perfect.

Freemason Symbolism

What is behind the meaning of Freemasonry symbolism?

I don’t know.

I do know some common sense.

(Below left) Masonic drawing of a rough preformed rock for building.

(above right) A chunk of Sandstone representing ashlar rough. Crude chipping with a chisel can also be considered ashlar rough.

In order to make ashlar clean, I must take away the rough sides of the sandstone and make flat surfaces.

Ashlar Rough (rough stone)

I use a diamond coated circular saw for cutting ashlar clean.

Ashlar clean is smooth and flat with NO chip marks from a chisel.

In order to make ashlar perfect, I must measure and scribe on stone for cut guides.

I’m doing this free hand and not measuring.

I will attempt Ashlar Perfect as shown in the below Masonic Drawing (perfect square angle in a stone block).

Ashlar Perfect

(below) making ashlar perfect.

The star shape tube dictates  the shape of hole being made.

Hammering too hard and not softening (annealing) the metal tube can cause the tube to twist and turn slightly. This will cause riffling in the hole.

(below) The star core left over from drilling is shown on top of the block.

A twisted star tube when drilling ultrasonically causes riffling within the hole.

Star hole in sandstone.

(above) the star hole protruding out the rough side of the sandstone block.

So, How did I do in my construction?

I accomplished ashlar clean on the sandstone block.

However, I failed to make ashlar perfect. 90 degrees.

Notice the gap on the right side of the sandstone block (not perfect)

My star hole can be considered clean but not perfect due to a poorly made star drill tube.

 The star shape is not perfect.

In order to make ashlar perfect, measurements and precision tooling are required.

Ancient construction is often perfect and located worldwide.

We now know by demonstration the type of construction to look for in ancient construction.

Where can we find a perfectly built temple that the Freemasons were describing? 

A key is needed.

Next blog.

 The key and polygonal building blocks.

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