True techno signatures at Cave Di Cusa vs the butt flap construction ideology.

Butt flap people refers to the people using primitive tools and are commonly depicted as wearing minimal clothing (a flap covering).

It’s a good analogy and not disrespectful of primitive people but rather to the idiots educating false engineering techniques.

If we continue to follow every possible way the ancients could not make something we will never get out of the mystery and fall deep into a blinding flat Earth mentality, hence, we stay in a dark age of ideological control.

This is a false construction technique. Also, there are no no knobs on the cores as shown in this image.

This primitive form of construction shown above and below is an insult to the actual builders using advanced machinery to create what we cannot create today as seen at Cave Di Cusa, Sicily.

Above are more butt flap concepts of how the perfect Limestone tubes were carved and carried at Cave Di Cusa.

 The imagery taught is that of primitive people hand pecking away at limestone in order to create perfect megalithic cores and curved walls out of Limestone. The below image shows a false ideology of how the pillars were made.

If the primitives did not make the cores, then they also did not make the large limestone columns.

Techno signatures in stone are machine marks or shapes in stone caused by high velocity removal of aggregate.

Like riding a bike, if your movement is slowed (like hand chipping rock), it will be a messy ride, while momentum keeps you straight in line. The same is true with machining rock.

Sonic coring is an advanced technology that grinds down aggregate in one fast continuous motion. The cores and walls were not created by small blunt chip marks with a bunch of little hand picks by primitive labor (butt flap people).

Techno signatures above and below are of ultrasonic grinding by high vibration.

Even a large spinning diamond core drill cannot produce the limestone cores as shown above. The spinning abrasive energy would not necessarily make clean cores (I have demonstrated this before). Ultrasonic makes clean fast aggregate removal.

tube for sonic coring.

Hephaestus is at work.

For some ultrasonic technology talk please refer to the Brothers of the serpent podcast episode #194. Its a good start.

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