The 3-D Kachina. (Matias De Stefano’s Protiktah)

Jewelry by Jeffrey Appling.

33 cubes to form the power within.

A power source? Each of the 33 cubes hold a sphere. Each sphere has an octahedron representing the dimensions.

The polarity of the pyramid is an octahedron. 2 pyramids positioned base to base.

(below) Center gemstone is Citrine, Quartz.

 3 drill holes are made in the back of the Citrine, Quartz. Each drill hole is injected with a gemstone rod, each gemstone rod reflects and refracts its color internally.  Similar to a kaleidoscope.

 Gems within gems represent the intaglement of all the dimesions.

The chevrons (step-like configurations) in the bracelet design below represent the 3-D Kachina (Protiktah).

The 1st and 2nd dimensions are the duality (black and white Diamonds). Positive and negative.

The design is hand carved from wax.

Once the wax is completed it must be disassembled into many separate pieces. The wax pieces are cast in different alloys of gold (white gold and yellow gold).

After the yellow gold and white gold pieces are cast, they are all cleaned up and soldered back together.

I corrugated the borders to give light play and dimension. (VIBRATION)

The bracelet has a profile image of a center yellow gold “H” design containing bead set diamonds and a center Benitoite (California state gemstone)

Bead set and bright cut diamonds are geometrically patterned.  Yellow gold rods with floating white and black (Duality) diamonds protruding through the white gold corrugated borders.

3 colored diamonds are set along one side of the Citrine and a large black Diamond (the void) on the opposite side.

The color play in this gold and gemstone cuff bracelet changes as the surrounding light differs.

This is a Masterwork with no prongs and is built to be worn.

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