Ancient Engineering of Stone

The 3rd Annual Monterey Bay Jade Festival. June 10-12, 2022.

This will be the first SHOWING and SALE featuring Jeffs fascination in combining ancient technology with stone art.  

Below is a piece of Jadeite, Jade from Clear Creek California. Myanmar (Burma) and Guatemala are the other locations that provide Jadeite, Jade.  Today, stone carvers use spinning diamond tools to make rounded curves and round drill holes, they cannot cut precision geometry within a stone.

Jadeite, Jade (Clear Creek California)

Using the ancient technology of ultrasonics, I can now make the once impossible into a reality. 

A round metal tube is used to make the round hole. (Faster and cleaner than a diamond drilled round hole).

Round hole and core drilled from Jadeite.

(above) A round core is created from ultrasonic drilling with a round hollow tube. (Same as the granite cores found in Egypt)

The shape of the metal tube dictates the shape of the hole. The better the tool maker, the better the hole shape.

Perfect square holes are difficult for master stone carvers to create. Perfect triangles and precision star holes are impossible for carvers still using today’s conventional technology. Ancient engineering techniques of the past allows the unconventional science to supersede that of Today’s conventional science.

Ultrasonically created star holes can be found in Mexico, California, Washington, Norway, and more…

(above) Flush setting stones with no metal prongs. (Below right) Faceted beads of black Hematite are drilled and plated with gold by chemical vapor deposition.

The cores created from ultrasonic drilling are used in jewelry design and show the ancient engineering process (proof).

Ultrasonic drilling and carving were used long ago, and I am providing art using the same technology.

Some of the other ancient, advanced technologies I am now exploring supersede what I am doing here so stay tuned…… Nature is the key to unlocking the other unconventional sciences.

Monterey Bay Jade Festival. Monterey, California. June 10, 11, 12. 2022.

Free admission

Look for the booth made red, white, and blue.

“Ancient Engineering of stone by Jeffrey Appling”

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