Rock Stars! That’s so Metal \m/.

Combining TV shows and making jewelry.

“The Secret Mystery Curse of the Skinwalker Frog”

Lead cross found on “The Curse of Oak Island” and the element Gallium found on “The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch”. Skinwalker Ranch is somewhere next to Blind Frog Ranch.

Heat Gallium metal over its melting temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gallium melts slowly in the hand and melts faster in hot water.

Use a syringe to transport the liquid metal and inject into a simple cross-shape mold.

When cooled, Gallium leaves a clean metallic high polish. In order to make the cross look more uneven and primitive, just agitate the metal as it cools.

Let the metal cool for an hour and remove the molding clay and you have a primitive metallic cross.

When cooled (hardened) the Gallium is extremely brittle and cannot be worked by conventional methods, so you have to use unconventional methods (Ancient Engineering).

Ultrasonics can achieve precision geometry as shown by the clean internal star hole within the hardened Gallium.

Ultrasonic drilling with a star shape metal tube will make sharper edges on the core but clean rounded edges on the inside star hole.

Melt the cross and make something new, like a 2-dimensional image of a vortex.


Quartz crystal is a Silicon Oxide.

To make Silicon, remove the oxygen from the quartz by melting it along with charcoal (carbon).

The result is Silicon.

When the outside of a silicon Boule is cooling it leaves behind a random crystal growth resembling the Widmanstatton lines or patters found within Meteorites.  Similar slanted and crisscrossing lines on found on Edward Van Halen’s signature guitar.

Metallic looking minerals such as Pyrite are perfect for ultrasonic drilling.

The first star hole, made in soft rock matrix had a slight twist due to a twisted tube used when drilling.

The second star hole, made in the Pyrite cube is the first hole’s Twisted Sister.

The inside star hole is perfectly smooth. Both star core and star hole are larger along the entry point and the smaller towards the exit point. The same is true with ancient engineering drill holes and cores found worldwide.

Metal bismuth crystals created by melting and cooling.

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