How to learn and master Ancient Engineering feats that are considered impossible.

Read every book on rock construction, stone engineering, lapidary arts, and the manufacturing process of tools involved. Read every book pertaining to lost civilizations. Watch every video and lecture where the author discusses how the ancient’s built and constructed the masterpieces.

Once you have read or watched all the information, BURN IT ALL.

Forget everything you have learned.

Now learn.


Seek balance before learning.

Balance of the mind and in life will help in receiving the flow of information.

Balance ring by Jeffrey Appling

Keep anger away and become calmer and more receptive to all living beings.

Every learning step you take forward will raise or elevate your conscious.

As your conscious mind is elevated by understanding an impossible feat is overcome by your own action (machining stone like the Ancients), You automatically start to vibrate at a higher rate.

ultrasonic technology used to make a star hole in Tourmaline

The realization of accomplishment elevates your vibration.  This is one way to evolve forward faster and possibly heighten your senses. (Create this star hole and be enlightened)

Thank you to my friend Chi for teaching me the approach to learning.