“Hand Symbolism and D is for Doughnut”

“Hand Symbolism and D is for Doughnut” by Jeffrey Appling Can we trust Academia’s teachings of Egyptian hieroglyphic meanings? We cannot. (not yet) If the dynastic Egyptians could not understand the actual builder’s ultrasonically created glyphs in hard stone along with todays Academia running ramped with irresponsible and illogical ideas and lies? We will be … More “Hand Symbolism and D is for Doughnut”

“Floating Bees and Chicken Scratch Fever”

“Floating Bees and Chicken scratch fever” by Jeffrey Appling   What do hieroglyphs mean? (anyone can do this with an open mind and some keen knowledge). I try to stay teachable and openminded as most of this information is new to myself and achieving what Academia says is impossible is most gratifying as I disprove … More “Floating Bees and Chicken Scratch Fever”