The 3-D Kachina. (Matias De Stefano’s Protiktah) Jewelry by Jeffrey Appling. 33 cubes to form the power within. A power source? Each of the 33 cubes hold a sphere. Each sphere has an octahedron representing the dimensions. The polarity of the pyramid is an octahedron. 2 pyramids positioned base to base. (below) Center gemstone is … More 33

Jewelry of the gods

Jewelry of the gods by Jeffrey Appling They were not gods, just people pre-flood wielding high technology that seemed god-like.  How fantastic is our past history? More amazing than many sci-fi movies (take the red pill).  Get ready for Jewelry of the Gods. “Ancient Alien Technology” My focus is to educate and prove how ancient … More Jewelry of the gods

“Cogged vs Cognitive”

“Cogged vs Cognitive” by Jeffrey Appling Ironic how named objects can have a definitive meaning provided enough factual information is provided. Cognitive skills and knowledge involve the ability to acquire factual information, often the kind of knowledge that can easily be tested. Cognitive science is a growing field of study that deals with human perception, … More “Cogged vs Cognitive”